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Mono Developers Go Bye-Bye From Attachmate

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  • Mono Developers Go Bye-Bye From Attachmate

    Phoronix: Mono Developers Go Bye-Bye From Attachmate

    Attachmate completed their acquisition of Novell last week and turned the assets into the Novell and SUSE business units. This morning the first signs of changes were announced when over one-hundred employees would be losing their jobs as part of the streamlining process. Later on in the day I was then to first break the news -- a rumor at the time -- via my Twitter feed that all of Mono's developers would be losing their positions...

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    What a wonderfull news! I don't wish them bad, but I wish Linux all the best, so that's why such news are wonderfull!


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      I wish all corporate mono pushers die from starving. please.


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        Wow. It smells in here. The anti-Microsoft zealots have already left their fowl stinch behind.

        Are you guys for real? I, for one, liked the option of having a C# compiler on Linux.


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          While I never liked Mono, most developers where just doing their job and are no .NET fanatics like Icaza.

          Does anyone know if the firing is isolated to Mono devs or is Attachmate just completely shutting down all US-bound Linux-related development in order to to focus it on Europe/Germany like Attachmate said it planed to restructure SUSE as separate entity.

          If that was the case, other SUSE developers in USA would lose their jobs as well. I'm thinking of Greg KH for example (and seeing him go would be an actual tragedy).


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            Well, as far as I can tell, the Mono developers make up roughly 30% of the layoffs.


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              Originally posted by wswartzendruber View Post
              I, for one, liked the option of having a C# compiler on Linux.
              It's not like Mono stops being available. It's still FOSS. You can still join the team if you like Mono.


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                Not 100% sure that means mono will bite the proverbial dust.
                From Internet News:
                "We have re-established Nuremburg as the headquarters of our SUSE business unit and the prioritization and resourcing of certain development efforts - including Mono - will now be determined by the business unit leaders there,"
                Could just be that German devs will pick it up instead.


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                  Some entity needs to step up and make an honest-to-God implementation of the following:



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                    Well, while I personally would never base my business on Mono based on Microsoft's 'community promise' I always though Mono was just a good thing to have rather than not have. And while Mono hasn't exactly had a major impact on Linux software ecosystem (as likely shown by the problems in making money off Mono support), it offered a measure of platform software interoperability that will likely fade away due to these layoffs.

                    This is imo a great opportunity for Microsoft to pick up the development of Mono so that C#/.NET is still a viable cross platform solution, that said I doubt it will happen.

                    I wonder what happens to those who bought into Mono offerings such as this :;txt

                    Must be quite a bummer.