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Systemd 256-rc1 Brings A Huge Number Of New Features

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    Originally posted by zexelon View Post
    I cant wait for systemd_kernel and systemd_wayland!!! Life will be complete then!

    To be honest, I really dont like the way systemd handles its logging... I have used it for years and still cant figure out basic error message parsing out of its logs. Again totally personal, but I think you may have done it wrong if your logs require any sort of learning curve just to get them open to read!
    Let me teach you the basics:

    All messages about sshd: journalctl -t sshd.
    journalctl -u ssh where -u == unit

    Messages about sshd from the last boot:
    journalctl -t sshd -b0

    Messages about sshd from the last boot in the reverse order:
    journalctl -t sshd -b0 -r

    Not that steep learning curve


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      Originally posted by timrichardson View Post

      Actually, for maximum fun systemd should integrate a wayland compositor
      I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. Maybe this isn't such a stupid idea.


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        Originally posted by timrichardson View Post

        Actually, for maximum fun systemd should integrate a wayland compositor
        This actually might not be too for off of what one of the GNOME devs wants. More specifically its (I think) sd-logind being a DRM resource manager/leaser, which would possibly allow for multi-seat at a single PC with different DEs from my understanding (including one being the VR Compositor, without needing to go through wayland specifically)

        Component systemd-logind Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe In my case, I have two-monitors and one (nvidia) GPU, and I want to kinda have a split-screen Minecraft gaming...


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          Originally posted by Volta View Post

          I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. Maybe this isn't such a stupid idea.
          it might be a good solution for embedded / specific purpose system


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            ai answer to the question:

            Given these challenges, it's important to carefully consider whether converting the systemd source code from C to Rust is the best course of action. It may be more efficient and less error-prone to rewrite the systemd from scratch in Rust, rather than trying to convert the existing C code.


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              Originally posted by andyprough View Post
              Not sure what you need the rest of an operating system for anymore. Just tack on a systemd web browser and you are all set.
              Yes, it does seem to still be missing:
              • systemd-browsed - built-in web browser
              • systemd-fmd - built-in file manager
              • systemd-nagd - built-in nagware /nag tool to keep pestering the user to USE SYSTEMD !
              • systemd-spyd - built-in spyware hooks for NSA and other multi-letter government agencies
              • systemd-adsd - built-in advertising spewer to fill your lovely 3840x2160 monitors with advertising
              Did I miss any proposed add-ons?


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                I'm not necessarily opposed to all these changes, but that is a lot of new features for a single release. It's better to roll out some of these over time so if/when there are bugs, they're easier to isolate.


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                  Originally posted by Brittle2 View Post

                  why?, what changed?
                  Most systemd haters have moved on to something without systemd or they've learned to STFU about it because the rest of the world doesn't want to hear how systemd is victimizing them. Systemd haters are like people in America who live in river valleys then complain about the annual flooding.

                  No shit. You live in a river valley. People have been farming annually flooding river valleys for at least 12000 years. Either move or STFU about it.

                  You're not a victim of flooding. You're stupid for living somewhere where it floods regularly and not moving, investing on a house on stilts, building a dyke around your house...

                  Nope, you just keep on keepin on in the danger zone. I'd tell you to go cry a river, but God already did that and you didn't get the hint.

                  That's how we see systemd complainers. They're annual flood "victims".

                  There are lots of fine non-systemd options but they'd rather use something with systemd and play the victim. It's like, STFU and GTFO


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                    "systemd by default will refuse to boot". shit like this is why its developers get deserving hate.


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                      The writing's been on the wall for cgroups v1 in systemd for a long time. And if you really really need v1 support in 256 you can still enable it if you know what you're doing. So lets not pretend this is a controversy.