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SDL 3.0 Will Now Prefer PipeWire Over PulseAudio

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    Originally posted by billyswong View Post
    30ms latency is akin to 33.33Hz. In other words, 1.8 frames for 60fps gameplay, and 3.6 frames for 120fps gameplay. Of course many are playing merrily in 30fps, but appreciation of framerate above 60fps of some gamers shows that latency above 10ms matters to them.
    Visual latency is completely different than audio though. And high fps isn't just about reduced latency, it's also about smoothness.

    In principle I agree with you, but I was also being on the high side for casual users you know. 30ms is a bit much even for USB.


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      Originally posted by airminer View Post
      AFAIU it looks for pipewire-pulse, because some distros eg. Ubuntu (used to?) configure pipewire for desktop/video streaming, while using pulseaudio for the audio stack.
      Why would Ubuntu have such convoluted set up?