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Mozilla Announces "Open Web Docs" Following Last Year's Layoffs

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    Originally posted by evasb View Post
    After Brendan Eich was fired from Mozilla and Baker took over Mozilla went downhill.

    The thing is not about communism or anything, but when your political positions (or if you are PC or not) become more important than your technical expertise for a project. Good things won't happen.

    Many projects are putting social justice or your political positions above the thing that really matters: the quality of the software. Mozilla is one of those projects, Baker used Brendan's conservative political position to embarrass him, forcing his resignation. I would never donate a penny to Baker's Mozilla
    If she's giving herself 2 million dollar bonuses, she sure isn't working towards social justice. That 2 million could have funded a lot of homeless, starving, downtrodden, discriminated against developers, designers etc.

    Social justice programs like Outreachy are helping people do significant work that trains them, improves their job prospects and pays them some amount for their work.


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      Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post

      I wouldn't have an issue with her salary if it were warrented. she is a leech, dont get me wrong. but mozilla has time and time again tried and failed at developing other sources of income, while neglecting their primary one.

      Firefox used to be a truly great web browser, but now it's a relic of what it used to be. the main reason is not enough developers are being tasked for it. their are many small tasks, features that need to be implemented, bugs that need squashed etc.

      considering the ammount of time they put into developing in some cases retarded other projects, its clear they have the man power to some degree, or the funding to make changes to do so.

      I get trying to diversify income, but it should never be done at expense of their main product which is Firefox.
      Pocket could actually be a great paid service.


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        Originally posted by thedukesd View Post
        Same model as AMD. We can't do it we just pray that the community will do it for us for free.

        I dislike this model because it's not the small contributor that is gaining much while the company is gaining more.

        And same as AMD they act retarded when u report a bug so no thanks they don't deserve any help.
        Agreed. They're a huge company with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. They can more than afford to hire enough developers and provide proper Linux support. They just refuse to do so. Even their Windows drivers are not so great, DXVK easily beats their DX 11 drivers.


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          Originally posted by Aeder View Post
          Man, I thought this forum couldn't get any shittier considering it has almost no moderation but now I get to read comments that are off topic political rants decorated to look like they are about the article every few threads.
          Every few threads? Try every thread. There's always some right wing idiot in here complaining "SJWs bad" and how their amazing white males do great work, and are the best and the biggest.


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            Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post

            I moved to using Firefox after some Chromium bug that went unfixed for weeks. Only thing I miss is password saving/auto-fill (which I think isn't working in desktop Chromium anyway.......).
            You might want to checkout Bitwarden (if you haven't already). It has a robust free version. If you want the extra features of the paid version, it's only $10 / year. It has a desktop client also which will sync to the browser extensions (whether Firefox, Edge, Chrome, etc.) and automatically login the browser - so you don't have to keep entering the bitwarden password again if you change browsers during the desktop session.


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              Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post
              Every few threads? Try every thread. There's always some right wing idiot in here complaining "SJWs bad" and how their amazing white males do great work, and are the best and the biggest.
              do a reality check: FLOSS movement is startet by "white males"
              it is save to say that around 80% of all FLOSS code is from "White males"(asian males the next in line)
              i think the white males are in fact the best and the biggest see Linus Torvalds or Richard Stallman
              women in computer science corporate company world is ~13% and in FLOSS world women are 1%
              also non white/asian males are also very rare in the FLOSS world but Companies like google try to collect these people.

              so reality is against your "imagination"

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