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CrunchBang Is The Latest Linux Distribution Calling It Quits

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  • cocklover
    So progress is Corporations like Red Hat imposing systemd to crush other alternative distros to Fedora and Red Hat? Buying Centos to changing his proupose to not be red hat alternative? Sure, the progress is more like Getting walmarks on your town crushing local and small businnes atended by his owners yep. Embrace the progress. Embrace systemd. Embrace Red Hat.

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  • Ouroboros
    I've been waiting for this for a few years. I wasn't even sure CB11 would happen, but he managed to put it together.

    Debian has completely changed *cough* for the worse *cough*
    OpenBox is dead, though you might see a minor release fixing a few bugs once every few years
    tint2 just resumed development after three years of no activity
    Linux desktops/apps are preparing to move towards Wayland
    There's a ton of new desktops in development, both lightweight and not so lightweight
    Mobile is the new cool focus
    I believe corenominal has a few young children to focus on now, too
    etc, etc, etc.

    CrunchBang was bloody amazing and corenominal is an awesome guy; I wish him the best.
    Last edited by Ouroboros; 06 February 2015, 10:19 AM.

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  • roasted
    I have not used Crunchbang in quite a while now, but I cannot help but to respect this dev in regard to his reasoning and response. Surely there are countless distributions that would welcome his mature attitude and skill set with open arms.

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  • Creak
    I think it's a wise decision. And I'm sure that a guy with his experience would be widely welcome in any other distribution out there.
    Maybe it's time for Linux to stop spreading new distributions every day and find common grounds?

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  • CrunchBang Is The Latest Linux Distribution Calling It Quits

    Phoronix: CrunchBang Is The Latest Linux Distribution Calling It Quits

    Philip Newborough, the lead developer behind the CrunchBang Linux distribution, has tossed in the towel...

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