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The Latest Distro Trying For Commercial Success Uses Arch & Wayland

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  • The Latest Distro Trying For Commercial Success Uses Arch & Wayland

    Phoronix: The Latest Distro Trying For Commercial Success Uses Arch & Wayland

    A new Linux distribution under development is among the latest dreaming of commercial success in hopes of finally conquering the Linux desktop and having their OS pre-installed on systems being sold in brick and mortar stores...

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    just.... WHY?!
    the name sucks, mate with a windows like menu really? and arch?
    this al FAIL written all over it...

    Also why should we fount his new DE when we cant trow money at current DE's and make them better instead???

    WDIt just one more thing before i faceplam my head of...

    "Tired of Major and Unneccessary Changes To Your Operating System?
    The Answer: Operating System U"

    WITH ARCH??????
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      Not sure if I'm suposed to laugh or cry.


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        Arch + Wayland + MATE sounds good.
        I would pay for a Linux distribution that can compete with Windows.


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          Originally posted by TheSoulz View Post
          "Tired of Major and Unneccessary Changes To Your Operating System?
          The Answer: Operating System U"

          WITH ARCH??????
          I laughed . A surprising choice indeed.


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            Massive respect to Michael for not ending the article with a giant "LOL".

            Yeah, no need to comment on this one.


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              While I personally find Arch overall more user friendly in a maintenance perspective than most distros, I'd say it's harder than average as a whole. Regardless, these people have seriously unrealistic goals who have been using linux too long to not understand the stupidity of the average user.

              Canonical meanwhile has invested millions and employing hundreds of developers and still hasn't completely cracked the Linux desktop.
              That may be true, but to be fair, they made a lot of moves that people weren't happy with. Canonical acted like they were the authority over the linux community and they did things that hardware vendors find difficult to work with. Their end products are, from what I hear, pretty good for newcomers (who at least give it a shot). But, people hate change - if Canonical really wants to attract new users, they're either going to have to have an experience that closely resembles Windows or they're going to have to run ANY Windows program they want, both of which are incredibly stupid things but that's how you attract the herd. But, the problem is if something LOOKS like windows but doesn't run Windows programs, that changes people's expectations and therefore causes disappointment. This is why Windows RT failed - it looked like Windows, it was called Windows, but it couldn't run x86 programs. So in this perspective, an unfamiliar interface is the best thing to do. It's just a matter of how you prioritize familiarity.
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                Their naming sense sucks, and as such they will never, ever get that commercial success unless they rename it (there a lot of good names out there, Zorin OS for example, whoever thought of that had a great naming sense!)

                I'm all for their choice of Arch + Wayland + MATE, but I personally think they would be a lot better off going with Arch + Wayland + Enlightenment, then modifying enlightenment a lot (fork it) why? because with enlightenment they can set up a default theme, but it is extremely themable either way so it is easy to offer out of the box user friendliness with it, a really sleek look and unlimited customization possibilities for those who don't like the default. But Mint most certainly would have been choice #2 in my book.

                Still, I have little hope for this project succeeding, especially when HP has a new open source OS just around the corner that is much more likely to come served pre-installed on machines than any linux distribution (as it is sponsored by a colossal company, i.e. hp)


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                  Did someone else notice their "CEO" is 17 years old.

                  You can check out his hilarious bio on their website -!an...rnstein-/c17v3


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                    Originally posted by Michael
                    Operating System U is to be based off Arch Linux, run a modified version of the MATE Desktop Environment, and will use Wayland in place of the X.Org Server. Operating System U also plans to modify the MATE Desktop to make it better while also developing a new component they call Startlight, which pairs the Windows Start Button with Apple's Spotlight.
                    Right. And suddenly, MATE (and GTK2) supports Wayland by magic.