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Fedora 19 Might Be A Prime Rib Or Crop Circle

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  • Fedora 19 Might Be A Prime Rib Or Crop Circle

    Phoronix: Fedora 19 Might Be A Prime Rib Or Crop Circle

    It's time to begin proposing codenames for Red Hat's Fedora 19 release. While the codename proposal process just began this morning, as usual, there's already a variety of funky codenames being shared...

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    I don't have an account on Fedora, but if anyone does could they add the following.

    is a heat producting object, so is ...

    Diablo's Forge
    Ball lightning
    tiny dancer
    Rocket pack
    mosh pit


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        Even if fedora was called blooming flowers, normal people would run away from it because you have to add a third party repo for every stupid app like chromium or vlc. Combined with the alpha quality regression testing, only power users will care to use it.


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          Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
          Not the same thing people know windows xp as windows xp not Whistler while in linux world it's not uncommon to name ubuntu 10.10 as maverick meerkat. These stupid names are a lot more visible in the linux world then they are in the Microsoft world.
          I have rarely if ever encountered a Fedora user who has referred to a version based on it's codename. So the Microsoft comparison actually is apposite.

          It annoys me when Ubuntu users identify it by it's codename, but in the end I doubt that this is the primary reason why Linux has not had massive widespread adoption.

          I mean, they said the same thing about Tux back in the day. I think people just need to chill out over this one...


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            Fedora Advantage was my suggestion

            Fedora Advantage is a nice name, I thought as well to use Fedora Avantguard but choosing this latter adjective leaves out the rock solid great products that appear first in Fedora, before elsewhere. Since Fedora 6 to 17. Fedora has been (for me), crash proof.


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              Names after Fedora 19

              I thought that significant scientists should have distributions named after them

              Jonas (Salk Vaccine)
              Thomas Edison (bringing the lightbulb to production)
              James Maxwell (Maxwells equations for Electricity and more)
              Albert Einstein (E=mc^2)
              and of course
              another 500 scientists who deserve merit-us mention and a distribution named after them.

              and me.

              Leslie Satenstein (for suggesting a naming pattern)