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Ubuntu 24.04 Beta Now Available For Testing

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    Upgraded today from 23.10 to 24.04 beta.

    Ran into several issues:

    - Cannot change display settings to a fractional scaling value. After clicking on Enable Fractional Scaling, there is no Apply button and the fractional scaling values do not show up.

    - There is a ghost "Unknown Display" in Display Settings, alongside by normal display. The ghost is 1024x768. My normal display is a DELL 27" 4K connected to an NVIDIA 4080 using proprietary driver. It does show too.

    - Logging in does not unlock my "login" keyring in GNOME Keyring - so my browser (Brave) prompts me to unlock it after each login. There are "solutions" out there on the Internet but they don't apply.

    I also have Manjaro on the same computer, multi-booting, it also uses GNOME 46 and none of the above issues exist there.


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      My only issue was that it was incompatible with Zerotierone, so I returned to 23.10.