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Microsoft Rolls Out Azure Linux 2.0.20240403 With Security Fixes & Other Patches

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    Originally posted by Volta View Post

    I don't think so. People's aren't paying for quality. They're paying, because they're familiar with it.
    Just go to the posts here about display servers. And you can read that people are surprised how nothing for a week or two crashes and they are happy about it like children.

    Quality LOL


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      Because i don't feel like going back and forth with 3 or 4 people that basically made the same silly anti-Windows Server comment, this is straight from the

      CBL-Mariner is an internal Linux distribution for Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and edge products and services. CBL-Mariner is designed to provide a consistent platform for these devices and services and will enhance Microsoft’s ability to stay current on Linux updates.
      Mariner is not meant to replace Server, it is meant to compete in a different market segment and to extract as much revenue as possible from that segment.

      The reality is that Microsoft, in addition to selling software and hardware, also sells services and they will sell support contracts to support any OS you are running.

      For instance, let's assume you have 100 Windows Workstations, a couple of Windows DNS servers, a couple of Linux DB servers, some Linux switches, 2 Unix firewalls, and some Linux web servers, Microsoft will sell you a support contract for all those systems and some companies choose to do that in the interest of having a simplified support reconstruct.

      If anyone is interested in downloading an ISO of Mariner, here is the direct link:


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        Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
        Thus has been discussed here before extensively, the word spic means to clean:

        (ethnic slur) offensive term for persons of Latin American descent

        There is also a product called spic and span:

        What happened was back in the 50's when people from Central and South America started immigrating to the United States on large numbers many of them ended up as house keepers and in various service industries as cleaning people.

        Since they would clean for a living and since many didn't speak English that well, and it was common for them to say "I don't speak good English" and because of the way people from Central and South America tend to pronounce "speak" as "spic", the word became used as a slur against people originating on those countries.

        But just because the word has been misused, doesn't mean that it is inherently "bad" or should be banned.


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          Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
          Yes, it does mean something very different.

          I was informed of this in one of the wasteland threads common in Phoronix but I am not from your country and it has zero negative meaning in mine. It just means clean and it's been my nick all my life because I take pride in being well organized and my clothes. I am not going to change it now because people in one country misused it. It's very similar to how Swastikas are very common in East Asia and a religious symbol. Just because Nazi Hakenkreuz is similar (except for the change in angles) to some variants used in East Asia and often mistakenly called the Swastika in US doesn't mean everyone else in East Asia has to drop it.