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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Desktop Installer Adds New Accessibility Options

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  • Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Desktop Installer Adds New Accessibility Options

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Desktop Installer Adds New Accessibility Options

    The Ubuntu 24.04 LTS desktop installer has rolled out accessibility options built into the initial GUI for helping enable additional features...

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    I love accessibility efforts. It's an unassailable good, tools that allow humanity to work around barriers. And it's something that GNU/Linux could excel at, and does excel at in limited areas.

    I see improvements like Ubuntu's installer options to be incremental, though. It's the much wider picture of accessibility improvements that are happening, ever so slowly, but steadily. And it aligns with good theory, design and architecture in computing.

    The 2024 floss desktop is at a unique place to change how UI is viewed. And it's for this reason that I view the article as something incremental. Human interface improvements are a much wider subject than high contrast or screen magnifiers, and I wish more people were as excited about the possibilities. I suspect that many of us in this forum have some disability, and can imagine what it's like to be a user when a barrier to digital life (or whatever we can call it), or just expression at all, is lifted. It should be more popular.


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      I tried 24.04 then I saw they have added snapd as dependency to so many packages that irrelevant. By installing the snapd it by default installed lxd which failed something and stopped my remote machine from booting.