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Mageia 9 Released With SQLite-Based RPM Package Database, Zstd Compressed Images

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  • Mageia 9 Released With SQLite-Based RPM Package Database, Zstd Compressed Images

    Phoronix: Mageia 9 Released With SQLite-Based RPM Package Database, Zstd Compressed Images

    While the release cycle dragged on for several extra months, available this weekend is the release of Mageia 9 for this Linux distribution long ago derived from Mandriva that in turn was an evolution going back to the glorious Mandrake days. Mageia 9 is a nice update pulling in many package updates along with other fundamental changes like shifting to SQLite for its RPM package database...

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    Nice distro. Looks rock solid ATM (on my computer since only few days).


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      Happy to see Mageia 9 released

      The release cycle dragged on for a bit, I don't think they ever worked this hard to fix all the showstoppers for a release.

      Congratulations for the team.


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        Great news,

        I'll update my Mageia installation from 8 to 9 in the following days

        Congratulation to the team for their effort


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          Two other quality systems have been released in the last two weeks:
          Devuan Daedalus 5.0
          siduction 2023.1.0

          Mint and mageia are two user-friendly Linux systems. I think currently Mint has become more popular than mageia but they are fairly equivalent and mageia is better than Mint in some specific areas.

          In 2015, mageia was sometimes more popular than Mint on distrowatch:


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            Not much reaction in the news (not just here) nor comments nor social media. Is it dead?


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              I use it (we, in fact: like 80 persons..). If you want an advertised socializing distro, choose another one. It does not need you to be OK.


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                I wish them all the best, I know about the long history of the distro, but it seems that the glory days are behind it. Mageia used to be highly ranked on Distrowatch and generally often recommended and mentioned. Now whenever there's a list of distros, Mageia is often forgotten. I think they really need to do some "marketing".

                And when I go on the website I don't really "get" why I should try Mageia. I know it's stable, I know it focuses on KDE, but what are really the reasons to use this over Kubuntu or openSUSE Leap or Debian+KDE? Ok I guess Debian focuses on GNOME, Kubuntu is different enough (DEBs, Snaps), Leap will go away at some point... So there will be some niche for Mageia and they'll hopefully find more users.


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                  Just tried the XFCE live-usb version.

                  As I expected, it does not work properly with my current setup where i use a 50" 1080p TV as the main monitor for my laptop.

                  Further the repos seems to not have many popular apps, like Handbrake and Shotcut.

                  The second one isn't that big a deal for me since i prefer the flatpak version anyway, the first one is a deal breaker.

                  The control center is nice and I do like the friendly firewall configuration utility.

                  All in all, nothing to write home about and destined to be another footnote in the long line of footnotes that are most Linux distros.


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                    I really miss Mandrake Linux from the late 90's. Pretty easy to work with back in the day, considering everything was more difficult to install then.