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CentOS Project Promotes They Are "Open To All"

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  • CentOS Project Promotes They Are "Open To All"

    Phoronix: CentOS Project Promotes They Are "Open To All"

    With all the news in recent weeks following Red Hat's decision to limit access to RHEL sources that in turn lead to changes for AlmaLinux, finding new ways to obtain sources at Rocky Linux, interesting statements from Oracle, and even SUSE forking RHEL. The public RHEL sources now will basically be the upstream CentOS Stream code for which future Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions are ultimately based. The CentOS Project issued a new statement on Friday...

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    "Open To All" but "Close to Everybody"
    First = Redhat
    Second = People


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      Open to All to contribute to CentOS which is -by their definition- CentOS stream. Nothing new.
      I think they are just inviting Alma Linux to contribute their patches to CentOS, so when a bug got reported on Alma they either fix it on Alma and then upstream it to CentOS or fix it on CentOS and then backport it to CentOS.


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        Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

        Centos said they will stay independent after joining Redhat. Now they are making more promises "open to all" in a post that looks like it's just corporate jargon damage control: something, something, "community", "contribute", "excited", "success". Centos was supposed to be open to all forever ... and look now.

        IBM/Redhat, you messed up because the person imposing the changes took a whole 30 minutes consider what the impact of this policy change would on the open source community. It’s time to either admit you messed up big time or keep your head down and work hard to gain the trust of everyone you lost. Anything less will just make it worse at this stage.​


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          Another fluff piece. Rocky has point release targets with LTS guarantees, I rather build on that in production than CentOS's version of rawhide. Imagine updating and your HPC cluster breaking, no thanks.
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            Is that like being Open For Business?


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              This sounds like one of those meaningless results of corporate meetings.
              So CentOs allows others to contribute, like always, that's the statement. Nice.

              If only Suse would invest those 10 million USD into maintaining their own product rather than a fork....


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                CentOS, RHEL and IBMHat: Game Over.

                RHEL forks are becoming like mushrooms, appearing everywhere.

                RHEL will become irrelevant, most not trust IBM and their corporate practices.


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                  at this point I believe that the communities around Fedora and CentOS are going to be irreversibly distrupted by the bad decisions taken by IBM/RH, no matter how many "openness" messages they throw on us.


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                    Pretty meaningless declaration, vague, and pointless imo . Its like M$ saying : ‘we’ll continue to make Windows’ .