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Debian Begins A General Resolution To Decide What To Do With Non-Free Firmware

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    Good this is discussed so vigorously. New gens are attentive and caring.


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      I think they should leave the non-free firmware out for the free ISO (the way it is now) and make the "official unofficial" non-free ISO be "official official" (just like the free ISO) and have it be side-by-side with the free ISO, instead of making it harder to find. And, there should also be an explanation to guide the user to make their choice (without nudging them in either direction without an explanation).

      So, in other words, I think they should keep the ISO files as they are, but improve the website's structure (and make the non-free ISO also be considered "official official" in addition to the "official official" free ISO).

      Having just checked the website (instead of thinking about it from memory), the non-free ISO is not so hard to find, but the website's structure can still be improved. And, they should also label it as official.

      So, something like "If you're at least a bit of a software purist, you'll probably want to download this. If you're a newbie, you'll probably want to download that."

      Edit #2:
      For what it's worth, I'm somewhat of a software purist, and it's one of the reasons I chose Debian all those years ago, so I really hope they don't remove the fully-free ISO.
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        They should simply rename "advanced install" in "desktop install", from there you can select to enable non-free repository..


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          And once again a user reports an install fail through missing firmware

          and the first solution suggested to the user with no internet, is to download the missing firmware....