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Fedora 11: Blarney? Duchess? Zampone?

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  • Fedora 11: Blarney? Duchess? Zampone?

    Phoronix: Fedora 11: Blarney? Duchess? Zampone?

    In early December we shared that it was time for the Fedora community to come up with the Fedora 11 codename. Following that many different names were proposed for Fedora 11, but then after each name was evaluated and went through Red Hat's legal department, the list became much shorter...

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    IMO Euryalus and Bras?lia are the only ones I would choose.


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      Good names. Didn't bring as much fun as Ubuntu's naming contests though.


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        This is a Zampone:

        Being an Italian, I really wish they vote for some other name.


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          Rats...Does this mean the only one with Legal green light are supposed to get a vote?

          I have two names in the list but they don't have the legal green light but there don't have the rejection either. Look for "Urban" and "Marshall" (which is my old College and the real school for the movie, We Are Marshall")

          EDIT: Nevermind...the official voting page is:

          (They don't have my names in there... I guess this means at the next lunch with their legal staff, I'm gonna have to strangle a few of 'em.)
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            Perhaps they meant Zamboni ?


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              Definitely Leonidas.


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                Okay...I guess if I have to choose, it will be Zampone, as Linux (and RedHat) is pretty much a sauasagefest right now.


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                  Being an Italian born in Modena, I vote for "Zampone"
                  Muahahahha ROTFL

                  BTW, they must hurry up in choosing the name , otherwise they will be surpassed by Canonical, dubbing Ubuntu 15.04 LTS Zealot Zampone (no closed-source firmware inside)
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                    Obviously Leonidas. The perfect name for a really, really bleeding-edge distro.