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    Originally posted by sdack View Post

    I was referring to the markets, which still are competitive. And if you like it or not, patents are a way to fund research. I then don't care for why you dislike them.
    sdack I would not hate patents as much if patents did fund research instead of being end up being sold off to patent trolls who only use them to take money from everyone.

    Most people doing research end up selling their patents off for well less than what they are worth as well. The Patent system needs major reforms so it does work to fund research not just making life hard with bogus patents and not having patents sold off.

    One of the first things I would do to fix the patent system is make patents non transferable and directly linked to the researcher who invented the stuff. So that if you don't pay the researcher who made the technology you don't have the right to license patent to others. This would make sure those doing research get money not have it taken by middle men in the middle.