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A Qt5 Opera-Inspired Browser To Ring In The New Year

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    This is so exciting! Best new years news ever Opera 12 is still the best browser for me with its hundreds options and all its customization, but man I can't wait to see what will happen in Otter. I mean there were many, many people who begged in DesktopTeam Blog for the browser with up to date engine with all the great features that Opera 12 had (m2, speed dial with previews, tabs with thumbnails, bookmarks nicknames, notes, synchro, proper skins, etc.) and NOW IT'S HAPPENING Happy New Year to all real Opera fans


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      Good luck and thanks for the alpha.
      I give you a big hug if you can make the things in your todo list happen


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        Hope you only the best with your project. Now when we all know what happened to Opera browser and developers simply ignore (from whatever reason) our voices this is some great news. Will checkout frequently for updated version for sure. I guess a lot more people will come in the future to support your project.


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          There are already contributions from others and some people already work on new features.
          If someone would like to help then there are few items (smaller and bigger) already added to issue tracker, labeled as "junior jobs" (first check if someone has declared to work on them and also take a look at HACKING file for general instructions).
          These are usually tasks that are enough "independent" from core so can be done with minimal assistance from me (management eats now more time than coding ;-)). They are listed there since people ask how they can help, if no one will decide to take them then I'll do them, but simply a bit later.

          There are also sometimes tickets labeled as "discussion", these are intended to gather more feedback to make decisions that will satisfy as much users as possible.


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            So happy to start the year with this news !

            Not sure if breaking many rules by posting first here... just registered to post/link to this:

            Which browser can do this just after installed... I think only Opera, great feature to put some websites for fast access instead of maybe forgetting them in the bookmarks folder


            I'm in fact hoping to learn to code... this might be very interesting, very good luck with the project

            Heard this great news in


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              @webfan, yeah, I've used that feature a lot in the past.
              But I would go for global toggle-able lock instead of need to press Shift all the time (or maybe allow to drop links even if UI is locked, as long as Shift is pressed).