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GNOME Playing Around With New Middle-Click Action

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  • Originally posted by Honton View Post
    Which leads us to the fact that feature branches goes nowhere in KDE and haven't for the last few years.
    Yes, that is right. The frameworks 5 branches have not been merged yet. Therefore, a lot of the work going into KDE right now, and over the last few years, is not being counted.

    Also, you are ignoring that, unlike svn, git commits are often squashed before merging, which means the number of git commits will always be lower than the number of svn ones.


    • Originally posted by Honton View Post
      You are just trying to cover up the fact that KDE is dying. There is no trend pre-KDE4 which is the same as the current death struggle.

      Ohloh as a tool have no problems. Some readings might be wrong IF the measurement is not governed, and the tree goes obsolete or whatever. This is NOT the case with KDE, where mamarok manages it. You must be really desperate if you write off Ohloh as a tool because you don't like the fact that KDE is dying. In fact it is not really nice of you to point fingers at Ohloh. They are a free service to open source.
      That is a pretty graph, however I'd say the only distortion field is your own, however fortunately it only seems to effect you.

      I also don't see anyone writing off Ohloh either, they are just simply identifying its limitations, which is something that you do as part of critical and rational thinking.


      • Gnome's been dead since 3

        The one thing that I seriously miss is pointing Gnome-Control-Center : Background to a directory of pictures
        and it retaining that as my perferred Desktop Background Picture location.

        Generally, it should default to "/usr/share/backgrounds".

        Every since 3.x, no dice. I have to use "Wallch" to retain and change my wallpaper.

        Speaking on Gnome-Control-Center, it looks awfully a lot like my MAC's Control Center.

        What really pisses me off is that GTK3 is inheriting most of these oxymorons; such as, the pull-off menus which allowed you to drag-off the buffers menu in GVIM.
        Probably not related, but Gnome guys develop on GTK as well.

        Look at gnome-classic: I open the applications menu and find if I click through the containers, the underlying menus disappear.
        You have to hover.

        To some up,
        Gnome is being run by amateurs.

        Bad thing is we all got to eat that sandwich.