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Linus Torvalds Is Back To Using GNOME 3 Desktop

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    The Linux desktop choices of Linus Torvalds... tends to pique people's interest.
    1) Subject-verb agreement are good
    2) No one gives a fsck


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      I haven't tried Gnome 3 since the first time Fedora came with it and hated it, and found XFCE to be a suitable replacement(and not just for low-power machines)

      Maybe they've hacked together enough fixes, plugins, and scripts to make Gnome 3 manageable now though, but I still prefer a traditional desktop(If it isn't broke, why fix it?)


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        i still don't understand why people even bother with the POS that gnome is.

        Use something else. Let it die.


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          Originally posted by pdffs View Post
          That's not the complaint - the complaint is the GNOME team's seeming policy of breaking extensions every few releases, that stops your desktop from working as expected until extension maintainers can get around to matching the new requirements. This the main thing that made me give up on GNOME Shell - expecting it to be broken any time there was an update. I don't have time for that, and I'm sure most extension developers are fed up with it too.
          Yeah the first thing we do in every release is to find out which are the most popular extensions and then go break them ...

          Seriously there is no "policy of breaking extensions" ... the reason why extensions break so often is that they can do pretty much *anything* with the shell. This gives them huge flexibility at the price that every code change might break an extension (that happens to modify the code in question).


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            Linus has now shared he's switched back to using the GNOME 3.x desktop...


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              Originally posted by startzz View Post
              All linux des are full of useless s***, and no usefull things, and no one of them is good for daily usage, not to mention terrible performance and poor looks, but when you know, what kind of guys made them, then you can see, that all linux des are kind of the same - they all made by some kind of creepy guys, and all des are only good for 1 or 2 tasks, but not for anything else. Plus all linux distributions has terrible package managements, cause if you want to remove something, you must to remove half of your system.
              A typical utter stupid winblows user who judges Linux and has no clue about it. I can remove every single program without removing half of my system (in winblows you simply can't remove a program and all of its files, because there's always some shit that windoze can't handle and won't remove it). Windoze looks like shit compared to Linux, it's slower than hell and it's just a terrible and insecure mess. An only good thing they achieved is it doesn't break your hard drive when you want to purge this crap.


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                Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post

                All of that has been available in KDE for years. I'm not 100% sure about per-app window switching (never tried), but I'm pretty sure it can be done.
                I didn't know yet that KDE has also a extensions system similar to those found in Gnome 3. And it really has existed for several years Interesting.


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                  Originally posted by Fenrin View Post
                  I didn't know yet that KDE has also a extensions system similar to those found in Gnome 3. And it really has existed for several years Interesting.
                  Well, it hurts the KDE crowd that gnome is much more extendable. So expect alot of denial. It is funny and sad at the same time.


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                    I actually like Linus nosing around projects, keeps devs on their toes and brings media/users attention to those projects in good and bad ways. Keep the FUs coming Torvalds! Too bad you did not start this desktop pursuit back in 2003 or something, who knows...


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                      here are so much flamewars its just retarded. Lets stick to ONE please, else you cant argue anything, there are all the gnome haters, ok lets talk gnome vs XX, then I talk gnome3 vs gnome2 advantages, then I hear yeah there was DE xy nobody ever used, that had that forever... Not enough now there are the LInux-DE all haters, that just say Windows UI is the best (rofl).

                      Here many people mix stuff, up, they mix up personal preverences with "better" or not "better". Here mix people up that they really hate the guis because Xserver sucks and is on his end of live span and get replaced soon. So yes its maybe not all hyper-reactive and so on because X just sucks.

                      But to say Widnows would be a better gui is just retarded, I mean ok subvectionism allows you to say that you find that water from a nuclear plant looks tastier than a water from a fresh source stupid example but I dont could think just of a better ^^. But Windows is ok if you open 2-3 windows more or less only on fullscreen, as game-starter its ok, yes, but to work with? No Workspaces? Really? Non skaling (per dpi) stuff inkl. fonts, maybe they fixed that for windows 8 else windows would be totaly not usable on a tablet, but whatever.

                      And even if it would be on the same level (except you have no different options, use that or fuck yourself) its out of competition because it not only cost money but is unfree drm system. If you are glad with that, go let yourself vendor lockin, and spyed on etc. Thats the primary reason to switch to linux, if thats not the point, and you hate the linux guis because your subjective feelings, why the hell would you wanna start a flame war how bad kde or gnome is, just use windows and shut the fuck up on stop reading stuff on a linux web site.

                      To the fraction that said "that could be made with kde3, by tweaking some setings" maybe thats kind of true, possible, but 1. you had to know that this usesheme is a good one, am a a gui developer or a user? I dont know before I use it what is good for me, often, I cant think in every matter of my live from my self what is best for me. I am no expert to everything. So if kde would have released a kde-tweaked-version that would have this settings maybe it would been a success, but they didnt.

                      Its the gui- experts that desides some stuff for me, that they know most of the time better what is a good way of work-flows, that I am happpy with, and of course its good when there are some ways forks or extentions or whatever to change that if you are really with something not happy how it is. I dont, I am not totaly fixed on how guis worked since windows 95 or even earlier and dont want to have a windows 95 like gui for 40-50 years.

                      And why are there so many distros, because all they do do the others most of the time too but slightly different maybe or often not even that, if you look at the ubuntu blends there often most stuff is exact the same, and still they make this distribution, because the packaging together and the default settings matters.

                      If I am a gui-developer maybe I would love kde for its freedom of choices, but I am not.

                      And then there is another point, maybe I am here really alone, but some people have a preference about a look&feel, ok I could then easily switch to the gnome-forks but not to kde, if I like the gnome look&feel more, and no the gnomish icons + themes and stuff dont create a real gnome feeling to a kde.

                      I hope I got most topics under, like I said there are to much different flamewars in this thread now...