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VMware Virtualization With OpenGL Still Smacks Oracle VirtualBox

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  • VMware Virtualization With OpenGL Still Smacks Oracle VirtualBox

    Phoronix: VMware Virtualization With OpenGL Still Smacks Oracle VirtualBox

    Earlier this year I said VMware's virtual GPU driver was running fast for Linux -- in comparison to Oracle's VM VirtualBox 3D guest acceleration support. This continues to be the case with VMware's OpenGL stack leading the way with superior support and performance. Recently I ran some desktop virtualization tests under VMware Fusion 4.1.3 and Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18 from the Retina MacBook Pro with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion host. Even with the OS X host, VMware's 3D support exposed to the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS virtualized guest was much faster.

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    Is there a benchmark of these games running directly on Mac OS X on this system somewhere? It would be nice to have some basis as to how these games should be performing on this particular system.


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      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      When it comes to the different virtualization choices for Linux desktop use, VMware continues to be my best recommendation.
      Erm, isn't vmware fusion mac only?


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        It would have been nice to see some compairsons to bare metal in those graphics.


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          And Xen smacks everything else. It has the best pci passthrough drivers. But i haven't tested vfio yet.


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            Never trust a VM without access to the source code. Vmware is a blackbox with a backdoor.


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              Originally posted by KameZero View Post
              Erm, isn't vmware fusion mac only?
              Yup. Fusion is for Mac, exclusively. ~ but we shouldn't be surprised since Michael uses MacOSX as his main OS (and uses an Ubuntu VM, as a guest).

              it doesn't really matter though, the differences / performance gaps should be similar using VMware Workstation 8.x for Linux. The only difference i would guess (from my own experience, having used both products over the years) is that the h/w accelerated graphics for VMs might actually be better under linux.

              My VMs generally perform nicer with linux than with MacOSX. which is also why i don't bother buying/using VMware fusion anymore.... I used to buy Fusion, since my work pays for my VMware Workstation license, but at the end of the day linux seemed to be doing a nicer job and my use of VMs in MacOSX just wasn't needed, nor was the expense justified.

              Originally posted by Rallos Zek View Post
              ... Vmware is a blackbox with a backdoor.
              while i agree VMware (or any closed-software) is a 'blackbox'. I think it is important for you to actually back your claim that there is a backdoor - Can you please provide us with citations, links and technical information that supports your claim?
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                i agree, we need some native performance as well for comparison


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                  Since when is playing stupid games a reason for using a virtual machine??!?!?
                  Virtual machines only have rudimentary GL support for the purpose of supporting composited desktops and other light loads. NOT GAMES.


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                    did vmware lift their 'thou shall not publish benchmarks' law?