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Polychromatic 0.8.2 Released For Managing Razer Peripherals On Linux

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  • Polychromatic 0.8.2 Released For Managing Razer Peripherals On Linux

    Phoronix: Polychromatic 0.8.2 Released For Managing Razer Peripherals On Linux

    Polychromatic continues evolving as the open-source management software for Razer peripherals on Linux that makes use of the independently-developed OpenRazer kernel drivers for improving the customization experience around Razer mice, keyboards, and other devices on Linux...

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    really wish there was something for the tartarus pro, each key is an analog key and under windows it's actually really great to use, even if you don't use the analog bits. the keys are silky smooth, I just wish we could at the very least properly use the analog parts keys, even just rebinding keys sucks as all software stuff I have tries is not great at all. Openrazer wont support it since the kernel/gamepad stuff has no interface for supporting devices with this many analog inputs apparently. Really hope someone can take a look at this since I dunno who to even ask about it.

    it really is a shame because honestly its one of my favourite gaming peripherals

    Support Huntsman Mini Analog "driver mode" support where keys only emit their analog values. Notes: There are not enough ABS_* codes for all of the keyboard buttons (so I reused the same codes for...


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      Wonder if they managed to get the 2 device 1 dongle feature supported. It wasn't able to detect a keyboard and mouse connected to a dongle, only the dongles main device.


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        I think you should update the screenshot. Polychromatic has massively changed its layout a couple years ago.


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          Polychromatic and OpenRazer are so, so much better than the official Windows drivers, and the devs deserve recognition for fixing the one issue with Razer peripherals: the software.

          I remember buying a $250 Razer Huntsman Elite only to learn that it had "no support" for saving onboard lighting profiles (as per official Razer support channels). So the only way to prevent the lighting from being rainbow puke 24/7 was to let the heavy, crappy software run in the background continuously. This was when I ran Windows as my main OS for work reasons. I booted into Linux for a bit and download Polychromatic to solve the rainbow puke issue and imagine my surprise when it magically saved my settings to a profile on the board and I never had to run the Windows software ever again.

          Actual magicians and life savers out there. Never bought another Razer product again.