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Vim 9.0 Released With New Vim9 Script For 10~100x Execution Speed

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    Originally posted by partcyborg View Post
    Cool, but I left him years ago for neovim and haven't looked back. Having a true async framework makes intensive stuff like coc-nvim run much better.
    I read about better editors then vim that support multiple selections and cursors and claim a more consistent operating model. I think either Ox or Kiro was the last one that that sounded interesting. It's hard to tell if they're worth the learning curve if you've been using vim for all your programming life. Any comments, besides neovim?


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      IMO editors have a big advantage vs IDEs in terms of learning curve vs resource usage, in the sense that in an IDE you pay for what you don't use, and the price is not low. Maybe some wealthier individuals can use a 32GB workstation, I was stuck with 4GB for years and had to choose between then-prevalent Eclipse and Firefox, and it was more practical to ditch Eclipse than it would have been to work without a modern browser (the same happened with Chrome/Chromium, I did try), otherwise the IDE would freeze and spam me with OOM errors. I didn't make use of the IDE's advanced features, which are the only reasonable justification to pay that price, and you can be reasonably productive with Vim without using anything crazy as well at a much lower toll on your system. I never looked back, even now I have more appropriate specs. It may not be the coolest shiniest most productive tool (hardcore users will probably not agree), but it's good enough, it's light, and the learning curve for the basics isn't really that high, the tutor will guide you through it like a breeze. OTOH, discoverability in anything mouse oriented is significantly better.

      I feel the same would happen to me with advanced editors like Kakoune. All those cool features that I would never bother to learn and find practical uses for them won't add nothing personally to me. YMMV.
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