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KDE3-Forked Trinity Desktop R14.0.6 Released

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    It's a QT 3.x environment, so what?

    These days it's a bunch of jumped up tools that think it's cool to break old functionality and they lobby to get rid of it. That's the thing about X11, you can use whatever the Hell you want. 20 year old programs, even, if you wish to. For example, I've still got stuff linked against GTK+ 1.2 and I don't need anybody's approval to use it.

    I'm using Trinity V14.06 right now, I switched from Plasma 5.15 on my main rig. I like Plasma 5, but only because I hated KDE 4. I got away from KDE then. I always preferred the KDE 3.5.x environment and I'm happy to be able to run this on a modern system. Keramik shaped window decorations, fine grained configuration and appearance settings etc.

    I don't know what I'm supposed to care about more than that. There is nothing dysfunctional about this, it's being maintained so it can function on modern systems. It works with modern dbus, it has proper system tray functionality for applications (e.g. Steam, game clients that run through WINE etc.). You don't have to run the artsd sound server either, there's this thing called pulseaudio that people have been using.


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      Originally posted by frank007 View Post
      In my opinion, the developpers of TDE have done the better choise, to fork the qt3 libraries. The Linux world don't have an open source, free, gui libraries (well, the Gtk libs are stricly related to Gnome only, and Qt libs are not completely open source and free). Why this "bug" ? I hope the TDE will not follow Gnome nor Kde with their complicated, heavy and buggy DEs. I always hated Arts (it was always disables when I used Kde3 time ago, too buggy). A complete network manager applet and program are needed. Lastly, many libraries should be dropped.

      Considered this: what is changed from Windows 95 (or from the firse Apple DE) to modern operation systems from the point of view of the DE? Almost nothing. We have always a bottom or upper bar with a menu button and a system tray, icons on the desktop, a file manager and a program that let users change some preferences. With time, they became more and more heavy, also in the Linux world. Heavy doesn't mean better, heavy means buggy. Commercial programs must be heavy to justify their high price, open source and free programs do not need to be heavy or complicated or just visually nice, they need to be useful, even simple.

      English is not my language
      You don't have to use Arts. TDE works fine with PulseAudio.