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Why Should You Use FreeBSD? Here's Some Reasons

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    Originally posted by Ramiliez View Post
    Right ,so thats why they are changing GCC to currently underperforming LLVM
    Spot-on ! This is a head shot


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      exactly, the fragmentation is a retarted point. centos/rhel, debian, sles or even slackware have more users individually than all BSDs combined.


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        as long as it cannot handle lvm, dm-crypt and ext4 i am not going to use it. it just won't be able to access my data on existing setup.

        similarily to converting from bsd to linux - i might encounter same issues.

        if there is no decent interoperability on data exchange level with each other, not a lot of people will do the switch.


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          Originally posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
          Not trying to be rude, but I am still laughing at the irony... who cares more about license issues?
          EXACTLY. The BSD (the license) fans clearly are the ones always complaining about license, and accusing others of being fundamentalists.

          I tend to use the BSD for my projects, but seriously?


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            Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
            I was always under the impression that BSDs didn't have that much fragmentation because there were not enough people to fragment it to begin with.
            And no mention of the 3-4 main BSD + all the smaller ones.

            This list is really bad, and I actually use FreeBSD for some stuff where it is the best. I hope this wasn't written by FreeBSD developers.


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              Not fragmented as Linux, (relation to many distro, that not have idea/goal)
              only a very stupid person would see that as something good.


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                Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
                as long as it cannot handle lvm, dm-crypt and ext4 i am not going to use it. it just won't be able to access my data on existing setup.
                Funny, leaving LVM/EXT*/dm-crypt behind for ZFS/geli was my main reason to go back to FreeBSD. LVM snapshots were so horribly slow and tended to get
                locked up by udev.

                And as a bonus I have sound that doesn't break down every time someone sneeze.


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                  The FreeBSD community focuses more on tech than on licensing and political activism like a certain freeware Unix "alike"
                  LOL. GCC 4.2 says hi.

                  Anyway, I've never used FreeBSD, but I know Gentoo's portage was based off their ports system, and that would be the main draw for me i think.


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                    Originally posted by septianix View Post
                    And as a bonus I have sound that doesn't break down every time someone sneeze.
                    That's funny. I (tried) use to use FreeBSD, for maybe 1.5yrs for most things. (But was also running Linux and Mac). BSD got dropped because it couldn't handle running multitrack recordings nearly as well as Linux, on the exact same hardware using the exact same software (Jackd).

                    I can't even remember the last time i had sound problems with linux ~ ie: it was years ago. You say sound breaks on linux every time someone sneezes, well how do explain me not having any issues then? it's too bad that i just updated Archlinux / rebooted my machine a couple of days ago, because previous to doing that *my uptime had been almost 2/3 weeks* ... now it's only; 10:20:04 up 2 days, 4:41, 3 users, load average: 0.84, 0.61, 0.65

                    I run jackdbus (alsa backend) as my default soundserver and am running kernel; 3.2.18-rt29-1-rt #1 SMP PREEMPT RT

                    My typical daily usage is having 16-24 multitrack sessions that are almost always running (even if i am not using it at the moment), a slew of synthesizers + linuxsampler (with large sample libraries). I also will typically have a browser running ~ with Flash/other videos routed through Jackdbus (I often practice/learn piano/songs online). I almost always have Exhaile music player open and music playing - Unless i am not working on a recording or watching videos online. Amongst other things, like every once and a while Playing some classic NES games, Voip, etc.

                    Freebsd couldn't even handle some lower latencies, and generally ran like crap in comparison, when you put the pressure on... Generally, it was pretty depressing when it came to doing anything with sound, aside from listening to music or watching videos :\ I don't think that the situation has changed all that much, because the last time i used it / tested it out was Freebsd 8.

                    I do like BSD, but it was more comparable feature-wise to linux years ago. Now generally, Linux is seems to be significantly better IMO. Although, i do think BSD is great for serving, running a firewall (like pfSense) and that kind of thing. But for desktop usage, general computing or more specialized uses such as proaudio - linux is pretty good these days


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                      Originally posted by disi View Post
                      2. bitching about Linux (even in the forums). But I give the benefit that this happens vice versa Reason? No idea...
                      sounds like just some friendly rivalry. It's probably healthy for both communities :P