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    The design is great! It also looks like you dailed down the ads to an acceptable level. I have now added Phoronix to my AdBlock whitelist.


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      Originally posted by nils_ View Post
      I suppose this isn't intentional?
      Hint: And now try without adblocker!


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        Originally posted by forgiver View Post
        Is the text supposed to look like this?

        I've force-refreshed, win7 enterprise 64, firefox 27 or chrome.
        Fix your OS:

        OpenSuse, Firefox 27.


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          Problem with image centering

          on windows 8.1 + chrome browser , I see images not centered but shifted on the right edge, partially off-screen!

          with firefox all is fine.

          PS: I really don't like the font and the font size: it's too big!!!!
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            Well, it's not like the old design was the epitome of human art, so I can't complain. Just need to get used to it I guess, though if I knew how to css...


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              Originally posted by brosis View Post
              Fix your OS:


              OpenSuse, Firefox 27.
              Yours looks basically the same as on Debian stable with Iceweasel (Firefox) 24.3.0. Everything works fine.


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                Originally posted by brosis View Post
                Fix your OS:


                OpenSuse, Firefox 27.
                It's not an OS or web browser issue. The problem is that not all users like the edge smoothed fonts and we stick to pixel fonts. Because of that we have disabled font antialiasing and the result you can find on the screenshots.


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                  Originally posted by Mat2 View Post
                  Das ist wirklich schrecklich! I have read Phoronix regularly and really liked it, but the new design makes it more difficult to read. Will be there an option to switch to the older version?
                  You probably also could have chosen a better image.

                  I view most webpages in high zoom (like 115%) and that may cause partially the bad experience.
                  I also view pages slightly zoomed in (120%), and in the new version of the site the article font is simply too large compared to, for example, the font used in posts in the forums. I think it should be comparable in size, so switching from the site to the forums does not force the eyes to do two backflips to adjust.

                  I like the pic, though!

                  Would some benevolent soul be kind enough to update the phoronix Stylish theme please?


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                    Does anyone else see a 1-pixel white gap to the left of the header? I guess with window frames or a light background it wouln't be obvious, but it is here.

                    QUICKEDIT: The massively offset pictures mentioned here also affect me. Firefox 27, AdBlock has nothing to do with it.
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                      Mi impressions:
                      • Font is too big
                      • A photo of Michael in every article? really?
                      • When I watch it on mobile (UCBrowser) the articles are way too low on the page:
                        • Phoronix logo
                        • top menu ("home", "articles&reviews", etc)
                        • search box
                        • left menu/column, with all the social media logos, etc
                        • right menu/column (recent discussions, support phoronix, recent articles, recent & popular news, popular topics... this is reeeally long)
                        • articles, finally. Also, list is too long, too many articles.
                        • footer