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Sarah Sharp Steps Down As Linux Kernel Developer

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  • Sarah Sharp Steps Down As Linux Kernel Developer

    Phoronix: Sarah Sharp Steps Down As Linux Kernel Developer

    While Sarah Sharp had been a longtime Linux kernel develoepr and encouraged females to get involved with Linux kernel development, she is stopping any further contributions to the upstream kernel...

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    Yikes, this really sucks. I'm not a Kernel Developer, so I want to hold back any judgement but this person is giving bad press about a community that should be accepting and open.


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      I have the impression that mesa needs more resources at the moment than the kernel, good choice Sarah.


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        Thanks a pantload Linus. You're turning out to be the Steve Jobs of Linux. Brilliant mind. Radically toxic human being. I understand that you may feel you can't control everyone's conduct on the Linux Kernel forums. But you lead by example....and your example is deplorable.

        Man up and admit you need help in controlling this crap. You can. You just won't. Another example of your flawed humanity and management skills. If you can't or won't....find someone who will.

        Enough is enough, Linus. Crap or get off the pot and let someone who has the cahones to step in and drain the swamp. And if supposedly "brilliant minds" don't like this and want to leave the Linux Kernel world......well....politely show them the door. The world is CHOCK FULL of brilliant minds and developers. They are a dime a dozen. But you'll never know it because they don't EVEN want to get near the toxic swamp that is Linux development.

        Once again, up and clean your house. But first....clean yourself up.


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          If you don't like criticism then don't do kernel development, it is necessary to be able to criticise people who submit bad code otherwise the kernal would be a complete mess.

          If you cannot handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen.


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            And to IhateMichael......what do you know about anything, son. You speak like a child, therefore you must be. So...I'll treat you like one. If you are a man, and I doubt that, give 5 GOOD, REASONED examples based on your PERSONAL knowledge of Sarah that would justify your totally immature and childish remark.

            You can' you won't.

            Trolls will not be tolerated here. Move to another bridge, son.


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              I seriously don't see the issues she is complaining about in a meaningful way. Sure there are conflicts and harsh words sometimes, but it isn't anything out of the ordinary. It's just the standard heated discussion among people that are passionate about their work. She must be incredibly fragile if she cannot handle this. IOW not actually capable of living in the real world.


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                Not surprising.

                Sharp has been the SJW-at-large in the kernel community for years. Remember that is the same lady two tried to rally the blogosphere to attack Linus over something that didn't involve her in the slightest. She also heads up the various groups that keep pushing FOSS groups to spend money on women-only programs like the one that got GNOME in trouble. Shes pushed codes of conduct that amount to little more than tone policing. It seems that she hasn't been getting any traction playing the victim game lately and needed another outburst. Given all the drama surrounding her I think this is a good thing for the kernel development team.

                Hopefully she does less damage over at mesa.


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                  I wouldn't so quickly step to judgement, this is the Linux kernel community which got us here. The kernel is great.

                  If you don't like Linus, start your own maintainer tree and merge patches yourself.

                  P.S. This smells like SJW


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                    Getting criticized for your professional work is not easy. Most people can't handle it at all. Most people get criticism in their early parts of their career when it is still considered acceptable to correct them. Say in training or introduction to some field. Young people, while not taking these things lightly, still manage to take it. While older people can't take it at all. Also it isn't considered to be polite to correct seniors in most organizations.
                    I have noticed a tendency to honestly criticize women more than men. Mostly the result is that the women has a chance to improve while the men will most likely be ignored or fired. In the end it is about delivering the needed. In my opinion there is given more room to women, but in turn they also end up being criticized more.

                    I'm not sure what is best though.