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"Why Linux Is Still Not Ready For The Desktop"

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    A 1001st opinion on the Internet whilest some guy has been compiling the actual more or less technical and unopinionated list of problems for the past six years.


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      Ugly Source Article

      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      Phoronix: "Why Linux Is Still Not Ready For The Desktop"

      While there's 1000+ Steam games on Linux and the Linux desktop experience improving greatly with GNOME 3.14/3.16 and KDE Plasma 5, for Windows users not everyone feels the Linux desktop is ready...
      I struggled trying to read the actual source article on Fudzilla. The author should take their own advice and think of the users. Fudzilla is published on the web, and thus it can be read worldwide by anyone with a reasonable understanding of the english language. That's a "lowercase e" because the original source article is written with elements of "uppercase E" English langaguage, or English (UK) terminology. What is "dodgy" some would say? Or, what does "rubbish" mean? Some stuff just doesn't translate well across languages. The article seems more like a UK dude talking to his UK mates in a UK pub after a couple of brews. Hopefully I got all of those English terms correct. Next time, an "English to english" translation tool is necessary.

      Going through the article was interesting. Once the obvious "Windows attitude" is removed, the author does raise some accurate points.

      Article claim:
      Linux packaging is a mess.

      My explanation:
      The typical Linux packager isn't paid, or receives very little compensation. So having the expectation of a professional, commercial package is illogical. Once someone finds a way to make money doing this in the Linux world, more will do it, but until then, "What can you really expect for free?"

      Article claim:
      Linux isn't "friendly" to proprietary drivers, software or formats.

      My explanation:
      The vendors that are behind these proprietary bits have a "vested interest" in keeping things that way. It's business, after all, for them, and quite profitable in some cases (Photoshop). Photoshop doesn't run on Linux, well "boo hoo" and "go write your improved version of it", or just improve GIMP. Good luck making any money off of it. Where is the bulk of the money made in the Linux world? In the support side of the business, or integrating the software with hardware into a complete working system with value-add software tools. Most Linux software can be obtained for free as a download or minimal cost on media.

      So, the original source article author really doesn't tell us much of anything new while demonstrating all of their own built-in bias at the end of the article (as quoted here in BOLD type):

      Proprietary software designed for real people using a desktop tends to trump anything open saucy, even if it is producing a technology marvel.

      So in all these years, Linux has not attempted to fix any of the problems which have effectively crippled it as a desktop product.

      I think the basic reason the original source article is so popular on Fudzilla is the fact that it is little more than poorly written sensationalistic writing that bashes Linux for it's well-known issues that nobody has yet to find an economical and profitable solution. The original source article should not even be called "journalism" as it is nothing more than a person using a worldwide platform with a following for that person to "run their mouth with their brain in neutral".


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        Among the latest negative points against Ubuntu Linux is the Ubuntu Software Center not meeting expectations, the lack of being able to easily access proprietary software/drivers, LibreOffice not being on par with Microsoft Word, usability/interface/compatibility issues, and GIMP not being nearly as good as Adobe Photoshop.
        Ask vendors for proprietary drivers and better installers, ask Adobe for Photoshop, ask Microsoft for Word - said RMS's alter ego

        Do not ask me anything i will not read this thread again
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          I am really satisfied with my ubuntu 14.04 x64.

          I only have a complain, every kernel update and a conseguent Nvidia manual driver installation, I lose always the bar of Unity, it seems it has some problem with the opengl plugin. Every fucking time..


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            Follow The Money

            Originally posted by Ancurio View Post
            Michael why do you bait me into reading this awful clickbait bullshit..
            Like I said in the title: "Follow the money"


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              Originally posted by NotMine999 View Post
              The original source article should not even be called "journalism" as it is nothing more than a person using a worldwide platform with a following for that person to "run their mouth with their brain in neutral".
              I'm totally going to steal the "run their mouth with their brain in neutral"


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                whoa, watta topic

                after trying to make double tap work as a click on my friends laptop, i can say win8 isn't ready for the desktop either


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                  I assume latest linux kernel (ACPI), drm, and drivers have done the right improvements, above all kernell (3.19/4.0). I sense the system won't linux ready because of lobbies.


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                    Haha, I also hit that Flash issue on a fresh Ubuntu install. In Firefox a Flash page asked me "want to install flash?", which redirected to Adobe's page. The big "click here for Ubuntu" opened the software center, which is veeery slow I might add, and then errored with "the software could not be found" like for Farrell. Clearly this case received no testing.


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                      Originally posted by LubosD View Post
                      Seriously - MS Office is not compatible even between different versions. I see documents breaking up just because I use a newer version than other teams.

                      Then how is LibreOffice supposed to support that?
                      This is the first thing that I think of when someone talks about needing Microsoft Word. You will again the next time your work or school upgrades to the newer version and breaks compatibility.

                      LibreOffice I feel could use cleaner interface, but there's the word processors out there that can do basic typing with a clean interface so I'm okay with the alternatives.