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    Originally posted by mazumoto View Post
    we're never going to ... and if we do ...

    don't think they understood what "never" means. and this doesn't sound like I should trust them
    Matter of phrasing.

    Would you be happier if they said "if we ever WERE TO" instead of "if we do"?

    What they are saying is that they will stay true to their word, but they want us to "trust but verify", in this case verify being "fork them off if they try anything funny".


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      Originally posted by ehansin View Post
      One more thing. Some years ago someone started this GUI editor in a functional language (no, not Emacs!), and I remember thinking it looked so cool at the time. But died out, nothing became of it. I ran it on Windows, cannot remember the name. I think it had "light" in the name though, about all I can remember!
      Light Table?

      I think I have a t-shirt somewhere from their Kickstarter. It did look cool, but development died out before it reached a point where one of the languages I actually use was supported.


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        Originally posted by DumbFsck View Post

        Do you mind sharing how you fit AI in your workflow? Is it writing boiler plate or actual code? Tests? Asking questions about the code base? I'm assuming you mean AI like co-pilot.

        Or are you talking about featuring AI more like a jupyter notebook than like code generation and I misunderstood?
        right now it's just mostly boilerplate, but it does pick up on things so sometimes it's more. it feels like pair programming with a simple programmer, like programming is less lonely. and using chat interface is sometimes useful instead of going directly to stackoverflow .


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          [Pulp Fiction, but with nerds]

          "What Notepad is this?"
          "It's a Code Editor, baby."
          "What Code Editor is this?"
          "It's Zed."
          "What's Zed?"
          "Zed's accelerated, baby. Zed's accelerated.‚Äč"