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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post

    Your blood is full of magnetic particles ....Haemoglobin.
    That stuff is really weird it catches the free radical oxigen and enriches it in your body. Only god knows what harm it could do.
    Maybe it changes the metabolism in the Cells and nurtures various exothermal cycles.
    Don't forget really the worst kind of solvent, dihydrogenoxide in our bodies..

    Common characteristics with antivaxx-folks: simplistic thinking and paranoia. Which leads to believing all sorts of insane "proofs". Where half the time data presented actually disproves their claims but it's like talking to a wall.

    Only good part of it is that pretty Darwinian nature of the virus gets gene pool rid of many of the stupids.