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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • I think I understand what you mean, and I might even agree on that. ( me not reading your replies as thorough as the review)

    It's because, its hard for me to stay calm. We are being lied too, although I don't know if this is out of incompetence or that Quaridarium is right and there is a conspiracy.

    Over here right now in the Netherlands, we had a scaling down of the measurements, and then the number of infections, at least thats what the msn and my goverment calls it, went up.

    They are using a pcr test wrong, and then tell us its our fault the numbers go up, because we don't follow their rules. (positive pcr test)

    Anybody who has done some research wont be surprised those numbers are going up if you test more.

    One of the problems though, people who have had covid 19 will test positive on this pcr test for months after.

    Over here festivals were allowed again if the (mostly) youth would take a test.
    So a lot more people got tested, even those who are not ill, nor contagious.

    I find it hard to believe my leaders are this stupid and that is why I think Quaridarium is right, that there is a conspiracy, with our leaders being the puppets, of whomever is pulling the strings.


    • The big problem is to make people see what is going on and how much better this world could be for the 99.9% .

      I remember seeing zeitgeist for the first time about our money system. My first reaction was this can´t be true, but googling 15 min on money creation thought me banks fully admit this. (but off course leaving the part out, how this only profits a few)

      On the energy part of things, I learned from a tech forum, that if they would change the current system a bit, we would waist a lot less electricity.
      Maybe somebody here can explain it better. It has something to do with making a ring system, instead of the system we have now, were the outlets are dead ends.

      Over 2 years ago, i joined the "gele hesjes" ( gilet jaune ) How naive I was thinking we all were standing up.


      • You are beyond help.
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        • The truth is starting to come out

          Lets hope they will get sued.


          • Originally posted by Qaridarium

            the new money system will no longer benefit the 0,001% instead it will benefit the 99%
            and everyone will start with 400000€ and 27 million euro per person is waiting for future payouts.

            all this saving energy consume less electric energy hoax bullshit speak is all part of the Fossil Fuel Rockenfeller monopole and their zero sum game.... after Gesara/Nesara is in place the price of electric energy will go down in germany from 0,33€ per kwh to 0,0001€ per kwh because they will shut down all nuclear power plants and all coal power plants and all gas power plants and it will be replaced with zero point energy / Free energy power plants.

            cars next year will consume zero Gas/oil it will also not consume electric energy from the grid
            all cars next year will be free energy powered... like the Nazi Haunebu2 UFO from 1941...

            I did see a video from 14.7.2021 from france... looks like this time all standing up and france is burning.
            Yes france is burning, and the msn tries to keep it hidden. They are probably afraid the shit will hit the fan all over europe.
            Its why yellow jackets from france , germany and the netherlands and belgium are trying to connect.

            I can only hope this al lt's true. Problem is I have seen Q related prediction before, who did not came into reality.

            27 mil, I can see a land-house with a racing track around it :P
            And a mucic producing studio off course with Linux.


            • You are both beyond help.


              • Originally posted by WeAreDoomed View Post
                You are both beyond help.
                Can I assume, you did not watch the latest vid I posted, with Dr. David Martin and Lawyer Reiner Feullmich?

                Something about Dr David Martin finding proof....

                Edit: Same vid without Dutch subtitles:

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                • I could tell you that a video is not a proof. I could tell you to show me the data.
                  But the truth is that I can't help you. You found something you want so desperately to be true that it has become a belief. No rational argument can even reach you anymore.
                  It is over. Another day, another fallen soldier. I tried.


                  • Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    but if you really want to quit we can maybe find a solution for you...
                    Is that a threat or a promise?
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                      Are they geting nervous, because of the group of lawyers ?
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