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Lenovo To Certify Their Full ThinkPad/ThinkStation Line For Linux

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  • Lenovo To Certify Their Full ThinkPad/ThinkStation Line For Linux

    Phoronix: Lenovo To Certify Their Full ThinkPad/ThinkStation Line For Linux

    Back in April was the announcement that Lenovo would begin shipping some devices with Fedora Linux while now the story gets much juicier today...

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    Lenove, please don't ship them with Nvidia GPUs only: I don't want bricks in my laptop.
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      LOVE THIS.

      This really goes a long way toward overcoming Linux "desktop" objections. I've been a Linux user since about 1999, and proper hardware support was always a big question mark.

      I hope this a trend, and I suspect it is.


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        Nice! This is awesome news, I am big fan of Lenovo laptops especially. I also dont mind if they ship with Nvidia, I think they are bricks of performance gold... though its mostly because of GPU Compute.... if I was only gaming ATI would be carefully evaluated in my analysis.


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          Very awesome. A much needed change for making enterprise-tier Linux-porwered laptops more viable on the corporate side.


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            This is a big deal. I've purchased Thinkpads for years (even after IBM sold the brand to Lenovo). Most recently I went with a Dell XPS and the experience is not even close. Next laptop (which will likely be the Ryzen 4000 series, I'll be switching back to my first love: the Thinkpad.
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              Great option for everyone who cares about privacy and security. Can't wait to buy one with Fedora.


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                This is great news. Phew, it really has taken long enough!

                This might be the first time I can actually buy something... new.


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                  This actually surprises me! This was not something I could even imagine some years ago...
                  Now HP, Dell, Lenovo and others are all selling computers with Linux pre-installed.
                  Now I just hope for more open source and less binary blobs and binary firmware.


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                    Misleading title. It's not full Thinkpad line, only Thinkpad P. All Thinkpads would be really great though.

                    Our entire portfolio of ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations will now be certified via both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu LTS