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Lenovo To Certify Their Full ThinkPad/ThinkStation Line For Linux

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    Originally posted by ThoreauHD View Post
    The timing of this is suspect. This has less to do with customers, and more to do with them surviving if the DOJ turns their ChiCom spying inventory into paper weights. Lenovo has been off US government PO lists for years now.
    Lenovo isn't moving manufacturing to the US, so I am not sure how an announcement on Linux support is going to change some behavior or perspective.

    Linux is still a small percentage of their sales workstation market, any USG mandates would simply torpedo the Windows platforms, so they would shut down the Linux ones right behind it.

    Someone else on here was espousing some conspiracy around Fedora as an option due to the RH/IBM merger, when in fact Lenovo had been working with Fedora Team for a long time before the RH merger was even announced. Not sure where people are coming up with these theories.


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      Originally posted by illwieckz View Post
      Are you living in the 1985-2005 era?
      what you expect from someone thinking novideo has faster compute?


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        Originally posted by ONLYDOWNDOGS View Post
        Does this mean potential hardware support for older models? Really isn't necessary, but it would be nice if the thumbprint reader on my T470 worked.
        That's the only thing that currently doesn't work on my P51. Which by the way I did not have to buy with a Windows license. Granted I didn't have it pre-installed with anything. But RHEL works well on it, as does Pop_OS 20.04 which is what I'm using now. It has a very nice setup for switching between Descrete, Hybrid and Intel GPU setup.
        Also, it absolutely amazes me how far Linux has come. It now will prompt you if you have firmware updates for quite a few systems (works great with the Thinkpads!) and it even told me that my Logitech Unifying Device dongle had a firmware update! Anyone who has used Linux for a long time, knows about how painful firmware updates used to be!


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          Like it used to be before the no linux certification crap.