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Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines

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    Originally posted by BeardedGNUFreak View Post
    * Establish that the project is a meritocracy
    * Establish that project members are required to take the least offense
    The SJW weak points Their work has no merit, and when being told so, they throw tantrums like babies.


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      Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
      I might actually disagree with Stallman on this one. A lack of diversity is a real problem. No, not stupid shite like gender or skin color but diversity of thought.

      1) Having a group of people with a sole focus on performance gives a fast but extremely insecure product.
      2) Having a group of people with the sole focus on security gives a secure but featureless product.

      No-one cares if you have a penis or not haha.
      quoting RMS message (

      2. I disagree with making "diversity" a goal. If the developers in a
      specific free software project do not include demographic D, I don't
      think that the lack of them as a problem that requires action; there
      is no need to scramble desperately to recruit some Ds. Rather, the
      problem is that if we make demographic D feel unwelcome, we lose out
      on possible contributors. And very likely also others that are not in
      demographic D.
      There is a kind of diversity that would benefit many free software
      projects: diversity of users in regard to skill levels and kinds of
      usage. However, that is not what people usually mean by "diversity".


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        Michael BTW why don't we have some guidelines at Phoronix? People are allowed to be toxic and nobody stops them from doing so. They're hostile to people who think different, have social or so-called left intentions and use SJW as a bad word even though it should be considered a good thing. Why are they allowed to get along like that?

        Long story short: The community is toxic at times. Especially when there's room for political point of views - but not limited to that.


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          Hopefully something less hostile like this can replace the Geek Fem CoC.


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            Originally posted by squash View Post
            I'd like to propose a new, simpler CoC. I'l call it the IDGAF-COC. It looks something like this:

            . This is a software project. I D G A F about your demographics. I won't ask you and I'd expect you to not tell me. It is irrelevant.
            . What you do on your own time has nothing to do with the project unless you make it part of the project. I DGAF what you say on your personal Twitter so long as you're not speaking for the project.
            . If you're being an asshole to someone else, I'm going to ban you from the project.
            . If someone is being an asshole to you, let me know. If it's true, I'll attempt to mediate a solution. If a solution isn't immediately reached, the offender will be banned from the project. If it is determined that your complaint is an attempt to weaponize the COC, you will be banned from the project.
            You got it in one. Why do <insert person> think it's relevant to introduce their gender, sexual orientation, sexuality etc etc ad nauseum into the equation? No, perhaps that was rhetorical. They do it for attention, for the anger it raises in others, for the power their baseless lives otherwise are missing. It's almost, if not, a joke.
            The saddest thing is seeing education institutions, governments and now software projects meekly capitulating to these pc collective. narcicists instead of ridding this scum politics from software projects. I don't give a hoot what sex you identify as, nor your particular preferred pronoun, because if you act like a bitch, you're a bitch (male, female and all the other 400 genders included).
            But to the topic at hand it's Stalmanesque jumping on the bandwagon at work here. Move along.


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              Woah, i actually agree with Stallman for once.

              Don't be a dick, diversity is nice but forced diversity ends up being reverse discrimination which defeats the purpose.

              Look what happened when identify politics got brought into Libreboot.


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                Steve Ballmar: Developers, Developers, Developers ...

                A lot of projects: Diversity&Inclusion, Diversity, Inclusion, Diversity ,Inclusion ...
                Stallman:Kindness, Kindness, Kindness ....

                This it's not the way to atract new developers contributors, in generally speaking.
                New dev:But how do I start?
                Ballmar:Learn how to develop to Microsoft Developer Network

                Stallman:man gcc and Read The Fu..ine Manual. New dev: what is man? ... RTFM:man man ...
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                  Originally posted by lunarcloud View Post

                  Ew. Bringing religion into software is gross.
                  I'd like to see you be such a brave reddit fedora atheist if it was Islam in Christianity's stead


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                    Originally posted by Britoid View Post
                    Woah, i actually agree with Stallman for once.
                    Yeah, weird feeling


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                      Best Code of Conduct ever
                      2 Love your neighbor as yourself. [ex test before commit]
                      3 You are not to kill, [ex crash your customers]
                      4 not to commit adultery; [ex don't f with your users]
                      5 you are not to steal [ex respect the software license]
                      6 nor to covet; [ex don't add a feature just because its in the commercial app you are cloning]
                      7 you are not to bear false witness. [ex admit it came from source forge]
                      8 You must honor everyone, [ex conform to the coding standard]
                      9 and never do to another what you do not want done to yourself. [ex replace tabs/spaces]
                      11 discipline your body; [ex proper ergonomics[
                      12 do not pamper yourself, [ex sorry, you only get one 4K monitor]
                      13 but love fasting. [ex sorry, only a midrange GPU]
                      14 You must relieve the lot of the poor, [ex contribute to open source]
                      15 clothe the naked, [ex comment your code]
                      16 visit the sick, [ex fix your bugs rather than just make them scrum tasks]
                      17 and bury the dead. [ex remove the dead code]
                      18 Go to help the troubled [ex when someone is stuck on a bug be their second set of eyes]
                      19 and console the sorrowing. [ex let the fanboy's PC dual boot]
                      20 Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way; [ex cross platform is not all the MS windows variations]
                      22 You are not to act in anger [ex sorry, you can't tell customers to RTFM]
                      23 or nurse a grudge. [ex desktop Linux, get over it]
                      24 Rid your heart of all deceit. [ex stop telling people they will like emacs after a little while]
                      25 Never give a hollow greeting of peace [ex "why yes my core code will be cross platforms"]
                      26 or turn away when someone needs your love. [ex Target the Android platform too]
                      27 Bind yourself to no oath lest it prove false, [ex "I swear I tested all my changes"]
                      28 but speak the truth with heart and tongue. [ex run the regression test]
                      29 Do not repay one bad turn with another. [ex recommend perl because someone recommended it to you]
                      30 Do not injure anyone, but bear injuries patiently. [ex re-run all tests after the merge but before the commit]
                      31 Love your enemies. [ex Target the Windows platform too]
                      32 If people curse you, do not curse them back but bless them instead. [ex No flamewars on the dev thread]
                      33 Endure persecution for the sake of justice. [ex drink the company coffee rather than leave for starbucks when getting behind on things]
                      34 You must not be proud, [ex fix bugs outside your niche in the codebase]
                      35 nor be given to wine. [ex just dual boot or run a real emulator]
                      36 Refrain from too much eating [ex use CPU and RAM responsibly]
                      37 or sleeping, [ex don't make your code slow so you can use the currently hyped programming language]
                      38 and from laziness. [ex don't try to apply your favorite programming language to everything]
                      39 Do not grumble [ex Don't bitch in comments]
                      40 or speak ill of others. [ex Your preferred operating system is not always the best choice]
                      43 Be certain that the evil you commit is always your own and yours to acknowledge. [ex commit changes only under your login]
                      44 Live in fear of judgment day [ex launch day
                      45 and have a great horror of hell. [ex developer will have to do customer support immediately after launch]