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Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines

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    Originally posted by mlau View Post

    I like sqlite's CoC:
    I'ts been in continuous use for over 1000 years, seems to be very mature.
    It seems a little verbose for a project who's motto is "Small. Fast. Reliable." They could probably shorten it to just the first two points without any significant loss of meaning.


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      Like many in this thread, i like the way Stallman phrased it constructively. However, reading some of the comments here, i can totally understand why some of the minority people are pissed of. A few examples:

      I bet women can't wait to get involved in BSD. Linux is too boring for them now and they need something even more obscure.
      Women are involved in BSD. (use Ctrl+F)

      it looks like at least he used his brain. That being said why did he have to mention this ridiculous "pronouns" stuff ? It is not a big deal and most of the galaxy will politely ignore that kind of nonsense but do normal people in the USA even meet people with such preoccupations in real life ? On internet you meet all kind of weird stuff but in real life ?

      It reminds me some laughable clickbait article about a bottle of toxic product that had been broke in a stairwell. But not any stairwell. One near a furry convention. Obviously furries are a big deal in the neck of the woods of that journalist.
      a) Intentionally adressing someone with the wrong pronoun is just plain offensive. I'll assume the person who wrote this is male, and suggest the following thought experiment: Imagine you're the cliché nerd boy at school, and instead of being good at sports and popular with the girls, you're sitting in your basement reading websites dedicated to Linux hardware benchmarks. Your peers start to mock you because you're not conforming to their male ideal stereotype and start calling you the female version of your name and refer to you as "she". Would you be pissed at them?
      Calling the pronouns stuff "ridiculous" is a really shitty thing to do as well. It's not like these people don't have enough problems already. It won't hurt you just to accept them as they are, and be as nice or ignorant as you'd be to any other person in their position. Even if you're one of the people who considers transsexuality an illness, mocking and bullying the sick is not going to help them or anybody else.

      b) "on the internet" is probably where most open source projects meet their contributors. Based on where you live, it might indeed be true that you won't meet any of "those" people on a daily basis. Many larger cities are more tolerant towards LGBTIQ, and so they'll move there and finally have a place where they're considered normal.

      c) i don't know what exactly you want to say about furries, and you didn't link the article.

      no, shit like the "contributor covenant coc" is purely about power grabbing, oh and marxism. plain and simple.
      What does this have to do with Marx?

      Stallman and "comunications" in the same period it's an oxymoron
      This is a joke and the punchline is "haha stallman is autistic and that's why he's bad at communication and therefore he can't manage an online community". Mocking someone for their disability is just mean. Also, having read the document he wrote, i believe he has done a really good job listening to the community. Also, the notion of autistic people being generally incapable of understanding other people is a misconception.


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        I'd like to propose a new, simpler CoC. I'l call it the IDGAF-COC. It looks something like this:

        . This is a software project. I D G A F about your demographics. I won't ask you and I'd expect you to not tell me. It is irrelevant.
        . What you do on your own time has nothing to do with the project unless you make it part of the project. I DGAF what you say on your personal Twitter so long as you're not speaking for the project.
        . If you're being an asshole to someone else, I'm going to ban you from the project.
        . If someone is being an asshole to you, let me know. If it's true, I'll attempt to mediate a solution. If a solution isn't immediately reached, the offender will be banned from the project. If it is determined that your complaint is an attempt to weaponize the COC, you will be banned from the project.


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          I don't think guidelines like these are required in the first place, but at the same time, I can't find myself disapproving with them the way I disapprove of the code of conduct. This is an innocent ideological document, whereas the coc is an oppressive ideological document. Even if they more or less follow the same ideologies, it's HOW they follow them that changes everything.


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            A few pseudoreligious lines will not help. You need to understand that he leans on the Bible. The Quran is a perfected bible. That is a whole a coherent philosophy. And monotheistm really on a larger scale, solves facism.

            Fair Pay OS Man ( )


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              Alt-right incels accusing others of acting due to ideology. hehe ...


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                This actually seems like a really good and sensible document, unlike the CoC garbage.
                Thank you rms!


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                  Originally posted by Naib View Post
                  Anyone ever asked about the compilers opinion on how it feels being given buggy code?
                  That's what "-Wall" is for.

                  One of the MPW C compiler's error messages was "Too many errors on one line (make fewer)."


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                    Originally posted by lunarcloud View Post

                    Ew. Bringing religion into software is gross.
                    So you're against CoCs in general?


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                      Originally posted by bison View Post

                      It seems a little verbose for a project who's motto is "Small. Fast. Reliable." They could probably shorten it to just the first two points without any significant loss of meaning.
                      St. Benedict (and his successors) probably had to make amendments after certain clever monks found loopholes/lost their faith/. i.e. after this CoC collided with reality