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Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines

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  • Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines

    Phoronix: Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines

    Richard Stallman has announced the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines. The GNU founder hopes these guidelines will encourage women to get involved in free software development and be more kind in project discussions...

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    Anyone ever asked about the compilers opinion on how it feels being given buggy code?

    This "kindness" is at least better than that vile CoC being pushed by the Racist, Sexist individual. Still it does need to be asked why explicitly stating that you should be nice to one another needs to be done? where did social engineering go wrong to result in people not being polite to each other (sure give both barrels once they are being assholes)
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      We had to bother RMS to come up with the definitive solution to COC & friends.
      See the difference between this and a fascist-like COC?

      Stallman is a beast, as always


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        Stallman and "comunications" in the same period it's an oxymoron


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          So correct, yet so politically incorrect. Glad Stallman is fireproof, so them can flame on as much as they can


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            i had the following to say when vulkan adopted a code of conduct :

            two reasons why these code of conducts are not type safe ( could be hijacked as badly written software )

            a ) instead of even attempting to define a reason that being discriminated over for a given characteristic is not aceptable , such as the " differences in law must be based on ( relevant) factual differences " of ethics , a list is given , which would agraviate

            b ) what constitutes harrasment , personal or political attacks ( means using power you have over other people , as in being able to lie without being refuted or command without being questioned , to hurt or defeat them ) is left undefined . Eg : merely explaining that the reasoning for the WHO to remove gender dysphoria as a mental dissorder was invalid ( that it was common for people to incorrectly think what it being such a condition entails rather than whether it fits the definition ), would most likely be considered an attack even if the topic had already been brought up , because it involves one of the characteristics from the aforementioned list

            ( i apologize in advance for my bad grammar and any missuse of formal logic terminology , )
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              it seems Richard agrees with my line of thinking


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                Stallman's a lefty. A lot more awesome than most lefties but his inner nature cannot be changed. Good guy, but too compassionate in this case.


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                  Have you seen sqlite's new COC? xD


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                    I like Stallman's approach. Sensible, non-authoritarian and appealing to people's better selves. A simple, yet very elegant document. No need for punitive committees. No divisive language. I hope this spreads far and wide.