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RadeonSI Gallium3D Made Impressive Performance Gains In 2017

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    PS: The performance per buck may be worse, especially for the RX 570, RX 580 and Vega. Miners bought a lot of these cards so they're much more expensive and price stable as they should. I mean it's good for AMD. They can earn a lot of money. But it's not good for Gamers. :'/

    95 % of the games of my library run butter smooth on AMD and don't have more bugs then with nVidia. A few might need workarounds and for a few there's work being done to make them work.

    I'll personally wait for the next gen 7 mm AMD graphic cards to be released. There's no sense in buying a new card without a die shrink: No performance improvements, no energy saving.


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      Originally posted by geearf View Post

      It looks nice indeed, but were you using the same kernel with both? I see 2 different kernels in the hardware box. If so, then who knows what happened in between...

      As for sisched, I've never tried it, I was about to once but then read Marek saying it wasn't useful anymore to globally enable it, better to autoselect it with driconf as needed, and never tried.

      Shouldn't optimizations in radeons benefit most supported cards? I assumed since it was a common driver that most things would apply, unlike with lower level stuff.

      Sorry missed your reply!
      By the time I tested, the stock 4.11 kernel hadnt included new enough amdgpu driver to support SI flawless. Thats why I tested with staging kernel. But youre right, that makes comparison indeed a little bit off.


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        Originally posted by Strunkenbold View Post
        Sorry missed your reply!
        It's all good, you replied anyway