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AMD Has Massive Radeon Patch Set - Power Management!

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  • Originally posted by Bushido_root View Post
    Just updated to latest drm-next kernel (07/2) (from ubuntu ppa) and everything is working just fine including being able to see radeon_pm_info.
    Where can I get that ppa? Do yo mean this one?


    • Heh, rechecked everyting with linux-next-20130703:
      • reclocking - works [x]
      • debugfs - works [x]
      • uvd -works [x]

      Everything is so sweet form my 6670 I can't believe it!

      Btw, I've never seen unigene heaven running so smoothly (> 30 fps).

      Thanks a lot!


      • Originally posted by Xipeos View Post
        radeon_dpm_info shows that the driver indeed switches between power levels under even the slightest load, but the power levels within a state are all the same on my card (RV770).
        That is unfortunate, but you will still benefit from clock gating. What do clock frequencies matter when the GPU is clock gated and effectively running at 0 MHz?


        • Tested new version and performance is now OK (same as with disabled dpm) :-) Thanks!


          • Originally posted by baqtor View Post
            Where can I get that ppa? Do yo mean this one?
            request a ppa for ease of installation in ubuntu 12.10


            • Programming Docs

              Will we see the corresponding programming docs for UVD and DPM as well?
              At least for those parts that have been "uncovered" with the recent code drop?


              • Thanks for this update......
                one question default my radeon 6450
                power level 2 sclk: 62500 mclk: 66700 vddc: 975 vddci: 0

                how can set
                power level 0 sclk: 10000 mclk: 15000 vddc: 900 vddci: 0

                when play uvd
                uvd vclk: 70000 dclk: 56000
                power level 0 sclk: 62500 mclk: 66700 vddc: 1000 vddci: 0



                • Hi, I managed to get a dmesg log from the kernel after booting. I'm not sure if it'll help but here it is.

                  To summarize my previous post: the patches from the drm-next-3.11-wip-5 branch work fine with my 6870 (with dpm enabled). Using the later patches with dpm enabled result in graphical artifacts all over my screen. The dmesg log I linked is from using the latest patches from the drm-next-3.11 branch.


                  • Just to clarify, /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_dpm_state will always be and say 'performance' right? We cannot change it?


                    • Originally posted by Bushido_root View Post
                      Just to clarify, /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_dpm_state will always be and say 'performance' right? We cannot change it?
                      uvd and

                      access to

                      cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/radeon_pm_info
                      uvd vclk: 0 dclk: 0
                      power level 2 sclk: 72500 mclk: 100000 vddc: 1088 vddci: 1100

                      might work

                      but it's annoyingly loud:

                      when when doing the slightest move (e.g. even clicking on links on the gpu immediately clocks up)

                      is there a way to set up more silent profiles ?

                      or am I back to static profile-based cooling ?

                      I really miss the improved snappiness, cooler running and - above all - more silent running from 2-3 days ago

                      that is on a radeon 5850 HD