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AMD: Accelerating Open-Source Drivers?

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  • AMD: Accelerating Open-Source Drivers?

    Phoronix: AMD: Accelerating Open-Source Drivers?

    So far today at Phoronix we've published the AMD 8.41 Display Driver Preview, ATI R300/400 Linux Performance, ATI R500 Linux Performance, and ATI Radeon HD 2900XT Linux Performance -- yet, it's only ten minutes past midnight! However, looking at AMD's official statement on the Linux driver, there is a rather interesting sentence about good things to come...

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    Can't wait !

    Keep up the good work Phoronix guy(s?) !


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      Hey guys,

      You can help by Digging this (if you have a Digg account and only if you think it's Digg-worthy).

      It seems like it'll make it into the front page.




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        I just hope when the code is released, it's in a form that can be easily be integrated with current open source drivers. The recent work being done on AVIVO and the ati open source drivers is very good.


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          Could AMD be about to release R300/400 specs?

          That's the obvious inference, if AMD would rather concentrate on the R500/600 chips these days. I am assuming that R300/400 is purely "legacy" hardware now.


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            hooray for ATI

            there is now a chance that i will purchase an ATI/AMD video card.

            i have always preffered AMD and I have wanted to purchase ATI since the acquisition, but found myself totally unable to do so in the face of awful linux drivers.

            i know the hardware is equivalent to that of nVidia, so with the driver issue out of the way i may well be tempted to buy ATI vid-cards in future.


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              I am assuming that R300/400 is purely "legacy" hardware now.
              it will be legacy when more people will have r600/r500 than r300/r400. currently it's far from it.


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                AMD's efforts are indeed focused on the R600 (and R500) series.
                Michael Larabel


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                  I see...

                  Originally posted by Michael View Post
                  AMD's efforts are indeed focused on the R600 (and R500) series.
                  So it would make good business-sense for AMD to offload the on-going driver support for any R300/400 based hardware to the Open Source community, and then delete that support from the shiny, new fglrx code-base?


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                    it's nice that you guys know.

                    But i feel like a horse running after a carret suspended 10 feet ahead from a fishing pole.

                    It would be epic if it's an opensource hardware accelerated 3D driver, but then again, maybe we will just get 7 more slides about the release train ...

                    I'm just impatient, have struggled quite a bit... currently have no 3D on xorg 7.3.. and even building it against my current kernel is a challenge. o and that control pannel has a nice feature of segfaulting

                    But if I would have to make a wish list:
                    - opensource (i'm not too fanatic on this one, but would be brilliant, no more binary patching away watermarks or other crashes)
                    - aiglx support
                    - performance improvement
                    - when loading display the text "rolz is great" in big golden letters instead of logo's

                    I'd say there allowed to drop one of those, and i would still be happy
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