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Open-Source ATI Evergreen Support Arrives

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  • Open-Source ATI Evergreen Support Arrives

    Phoronix: Open-Source ATI Evergreen Support Arrives

    Months after the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series (known by the "Evergreen" family codename) was introduced, AMD has finally pushed out the first bits of open-source code. This morning if you are to checkout the xf86-video-ati DDX driver branch there is initial user-space mode-setting support for the Radeon HD 5000 series GPUs...

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    sweet !

    where is the nana emoticon / smiley when you need it ? (dancing banana)


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      Excellent! Looks like I won't have to be using fglrx for long!


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        Nothing like reading good news in the mornings .


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          Great news. Why bother with usermode support for new hardware, though?


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            Awesome, been looking forward to this!


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              Originally posted by illissius View Post
              Great news. Why bother with usermode support for new hardware, though?
              Enterprise distros still rely on usermode drivers.

              New major releases of enterprise distros will undoubtedly move to kernel modesetting but the versions in the field need to be maintained as well, so I expect new GPU support will be going into usermode drivers for a few more years.


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                The code says ...

                +#define PCI_CHIP_CEDAR_68E0 0x68E0

                Very nice!
                Ubuntu 10.10 will be a gorgeous release


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                  Great. I just had to give it a spin . Idle power consumption is 30 watt higher than fglrx (with ForceLowPowerMode it's down to 17 watt higher), but that fan is one noisy son of a biatch. Other than that it works great.


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                    Thanks for the power figures. Sounds interesting. Yes, idle power consumption is something that all chips from R600 and above needs to be worked on.
                    I don't own an Evergreen (yet) but I look forward at it after my R600 since they are known to have very good idle power uptake for such a powerful card. And if they're capable of doing hybrid GPU one day... *dreams*

                    @ Michael
                    Oh noes! Stop the goodness. I mean, don't stop it, but spread it over the days. It's starting to become an overdoese. I might lack these good news in the rest of the week.
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