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AMD Catalyst 9.3 Brings OpenGL Composite Support

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  • I can't answer that. I don't have problems watching 720p vids or tv (with tvtime) with or without effects in kde 4.2.X. But I don't monitor cpu usage constantly.


    • what about ATI 4670 ?
      Does it work well with that driver ?

      In addition i am planning to buy laptop with 16' and that card on board, however i don't know if ATI supports well 1366x768 ?

      I would be glad for any info, cause the decision will have to come after eater on thuesday.

      Thanks a lot


      • I have the 4670 and 9.3 is just about tolerable. There are no problems that weren't already there before such as occasional crashes, pointer corruption and all OpenGL programs being blocked until a reboot.

        3D support for this card in the open drivers seems like it's about to arrive at long last, though I gather it might not be very usable straight away. It shouldn't take too much longer though, judging by how things progressed with the R500.


        • Originally posted by Chewi View Post
          I have the 4670 and 9.3 is just about tolerable. There are no problems that weren't already there before such as occasional crashes, pointer corruption and all OpenGL programs being blocked until a reboot.
          occasional crashes?
          pointer corruption ?
          OpenGL programs being blocked until a reboot ?

          Could you specified above?

          What does it mean, @ first it sounds pretty damm a basic things.
          What about playing movies XVid + compiz and some games test, did u tried those ?

          Thanks a lot for feedback


          • Video works okay but there's still some tearing. Not sure if I have the best settings for that. Games are okay too. Never bothered with compiz.


            • Originally posted by Chewi View Post
              Never bothered with compiz.
              u never try that or it never made problems ?


              • Never tried it. I'm pretty sure it would work though.


                • Well, I hope that bridgman or some other ATI guys reads this, but I just upgraded to catalyst 9.3 today and turned compiz/beryl back on in Ubuntu 8.10, which worked out OK.

                  However, I then left my notebook sitting long enough for it to suspend, and it froze at the password dialog box to log in. CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE wouldn't kill X11, and other key combos including blindly attempting entering the pw failed to produce any results, so I was forced to poweroff. (I was unable to ssh in to see if the machine was still up as my desktops are down ATM until I have time to check them over.)

                  Prior to this, I had thought that something I added or something with fixing the hdd laptop killer bug in 8.10 fixed the resume from suspend problem. It would now seem that turning compiz/beryl OFF is what fixed it.

                  hw is MSI GT725-074US + x86-64 Ubuntu 8.10

                  X3 Reunion under wine is also turning up black textures all over the place(some things render OK, others are just big black things) and main menu text does not render, if anyone cares. (Trying to see if there's any additional workarounds, as adding some wine Direct3D specific entries helped it a little, as in originally the lower left corner of the display was a big black rectangle.)
                  (wine 1.1.18 + 2.6.27-11 kernel + Cat 9.2/3 + X3R v2.5)

                  (X2 linux native rendered fine under 9.2, plus some simpler (non-shader requiring)windows games run under wine rendered fine.)


                  • Kind of the same trouble here, random hard freezes requiring shutdown...
                    Tested extensively HD, Ram, and downgrading solved the problem eventually.

                    HD4850 on Slackware 12.2, catalyst official package.

                    Switched back to 8.12 since it was the last one I used regularly, after an unsuccessful attempt with 9.2 (same freezes).

                    Makes me regret to have bought from ATI once again (...) since I burnt my previous card trying to fit it with the Musashi Scythe in my crippled SP35P2 barebone...
                    Whatever, I'll wait for the next one to get a nice GoogleEarth output.
                    It looked promising.

                    Any ideas on where these freezes might come from ?



                    • I'm willing to bet now that it's some sort of weird interaction between compositing and the catalyst drivers...

                      Oh yeah, the black textures in X3R seem to be the stations not being textured, maybe ships too, but I didn't even bother trying long enough to try to find one. (Googling the net to see if anyone ever came up with a q&d fix for it. nVidia cards are reportedly working, so it really does sound like an ATI driver problem. X3R has a gold rating with 1.1.18 in appdb. Also added the windows media players plus directx9 + updates just to get where I'm at now. nVidia users must do the same as well, but they get textures...)