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AMD Catalyst 9.3 Brings OpenGL Composite Support

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    Originally posted by Qaridarium
    be cool if you use kanotix's installer 2.6.29 works becourse there is a hack!
    Where to get this one? Will it also work with Debian/Sidux?


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      be cool if you use kanotix's installer 2.6.29 works becourse there is a hack!
      It's more of a Debian patch than a Kanotix patch and I couldn't find it at first but I got there eventually. Works nicely on Gentoo. Many thanks.

      LordLethis, thanks for the tip but I'm good now.


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        Mobility Radeon X1600
        openSUSE 11.1 KDE4

        Installed 9.3, now system freezes every time I resize a window playing a video whith composite enabled.

        Going back to fglrx 8.11, since from 8.12 to 9.3 I also get a garbled screen every time I logout.

        No luck also with opensourece drivers, X also freezes when using radeonhd with EXA enabled.


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          Works perfect for me on my Mobility Radeon HD 2600. Now the only thing left for me is xv without tearing. Everything else works perfect. Thanks for this great release!


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            The horrible thing is that the xorg-server package on gentoo is still marked unstable "~amd64".
            I'm just stucked @ 8.10 ati drivers as newer ones require xorg-server 1.5...

            Come on gentoo maintainers. I know you are working hard on stabilizing xorg-server 1.5, but I'd like so much test those new drivers...

            That'll come soon I hope. Sooner than UT3 anyway !

            Bridgman : say "Thanks a lot" to AMD dev team for this great release !


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              So what's if it's ~arch? Will it eat your dog and kill your chicken?


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                I tried to unmask the xorg-server package, which just pulled more ~amd64 dependant packages.
                I didn't want then to unmask all those packages, as I imagined it could seriously damage the stability of my system.

                I'm perhaps wrong, but as I'm just a simple user, I'd rather wait for stable versions rather than jumping to early in testing branch and having some unsolvable problems.

                But perhaps do you still have your dog and your chicken ?


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                  Yes, they're still alive and kicking. For over a year.

                  For help, read this:


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                    Still as buggy as ever. I love that glxgears is flicker free under compiz, but google earth segfaults 15 seconds in. XV still locks the box hard if I try to resize a window, and the XV overlay is still the wrong size for the player window. Fullscreen games with compiz and the unredirect option are worse than 9.2, because they are not being redirected... More testing to come.


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                      Didn't manage to install this on ArchLinux. The driver would always complain that the kernel module was incompatible (wrong version). Reinstalled 9.4RC1 which work more or less fine.