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Where is Catalyst 9-1??

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    Running successful here. Even on the radeonhd 3200, although I was warned in the release notes because the installer should crash here. Did not though. After the installation and restart and using the driver it restarted my xserver once, I made a video in totem fullscreen and I wasn't able to make is as a window again, while trying that it crashed.

    From the time when radeonhd supports primitive 3d I will just that instead though.


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      Originally posted by mits View Post
      video playing with xv and composite on is flickerless...
      ...and my system locks up when switching to fullscreen
      ...another month of waiting...
      same here... that's why they didn't claim the feature: it's bugged


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        XV-vsync is not fixed, but it is hardly noticeable on videos that does not have performance issues. With videos that my hardware can not play fluently I can still see that video is not synced.

        Still this would be much better than before (maybe even good enough to make me satisfied) if XV would actually be faster than using "-vo gl:yuv=5:force-pbo:ati-hack:lscale=1" on mplayer. XV was faster on some older drivers but now it really can't play 1080p videos on my hardware. OpenGL can play some of the videos but not all.

        I also want to say that few versions back OpenGL rendering was faster than it currently is.

        And with newest drivers I can't even get 24Hz mode to full screen (read more from this thread).

        I hope that open source drivers will soon have well working 2d and XV as I do not need 3d on this htpc.

        With all this whining I am still going to buy ATI graphics card as next graphics card (as it goes to my Windows-gaming PC) just to reward ATI/AMD for releasing specs for current hardware.


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          Originally posted by tball View Post
          Hmm i really don't see OpenGL 3.0 in the final 9.1?

          OpenGL version string: 2.1.8395 Release

          Or am I missing something?
          no, you are not. but the version string is one thing - looks like 9.1 has all the ogl3 extensions - and that is the important stuff, not the version number