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NVIDIA 173.14.05 Display Driver

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  • NVIDIA 173.14.05 Display Driver

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 173.14.05 Display Driver

    NVIDIA's last Linux display driver release was just shy of two months ago when they had unveiled the 173.08 Beta driver with compatibility for the GeForce 9800 series and other new GeForce 9 parts. Prior to the 173.08 release was version 171.06, which was another beta release, and the last official release being NVIDIA 169.12 from February. NVIDIA this morning has released the 173.14.05 driver, which marks the return to their old naming convention, but it doesn't bring many changes compared to the recent beta releases and just a regurgitated release announcement.

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    Does anyone know if the 2D performance problems from earlier releases were fixed?


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      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      The NVIDIA 173.14.05 does ship with "out of the box" support for the Linux 2.6.25 kernel and preliminary support for X.Org 7.4 / X Server 1.5. For those using a Linux 2.6.26-rc kernel, the NVIDIA 173.14.05 driver needs to be patched manually.
      Ok, so now it's current kernel ready but next kernel broken? AGAIN???

      Now it's starting to look like the Linux kernel devs are actively working to break it, and that would be Very Uncool. Also, when Nvidia breaks, VMware follows. I don't like having those two broken, they are *very* important to the way things get done here. If I have to choose between an older kernel or broken Nvidia/VMware, it's going to be older kernel 10 times out of 10.

      Not Cool.


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        Originally posted by [Knuckles] View Post
        Does anyone know if the 2D performance problems from earlier releases were fixed?
        Nope, they weren't. Default settings are usable, but that's it. It's basically the same as with the last beta release.


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          Well the patch can be found in the release thread, not really hard...


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            Looks like it broke my EDID detection or somethings on my Ubuntu 8.04 installation.


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              I hate them and their driver, but on my G80 nouveau isn't there yet (I won't comment on the pathetic joke that is nv).


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                I still get bad frame rates with this compared to 171.06 according to glxgears on my 8600gts. It's 13,500 vs 10,000 FPS. I wonder which I'll go for...


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                  I wait enough!

                  New release without 2d performance gain for 8xxx series...

                  THAT'S ENOUGH!!! I waited since oct2007 to get the real deal... my old MX440 work better that my 8600 card...

                  Now i'm going to drill a hole in it to make sure no one can use this #$%!%# card again and I'm going to buy ATI card.


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                    Strange driver:
                    "X Server Display Configuration" does not work on NVIDIA X Server Settings.
                    glxgears is about 15000+ FPS, on 169.12 is 21300+ FPS !