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Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years

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  • Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years

    Phoronix: Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years

    With our various ending-2019 and end-of-2010s articles, the standout on the Linux performance front has certainly been Intel's Clear Linux in consistently delivering the leading Linux x86_64 performance throughout all of our testing on many different tests and hardware platforms. Here's a look back at some of the Clear Linux highlights...

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    Impressive post. Thanks.


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      Testing a couple of days ago revealed some stability issues on my Ryzen system and compiling a custom kernel failed, too. So there are still some rough edges to iron out for them. At least the installer did a better job now than last time I tried it (it had issues with recognizing my NVMe SSD). Also, it seems they missed their deadline for providing third party repositories?! If I remember correctly they wanted to roll it out until the end of the year. Not getting a VAAPI enabled Chromium build is a dealbreaker for me. Apart from these issues I liked it pretty much.

      EDIT: I could workaround the kernel build issue, the build process is picky about certain kernel config settings which it assumes to be set.
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        I'm in love with ClearLinux. It is getting better and better. For research (data science, machine learning, etc), it is a great distro. Heck, I'm even running Witcher 3 with Steam under it. It is amazingly fast.


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          Im also testing it since a few days on my productive system (intel coffeelake, intel nvme, quadro) - so far very nice indeed and blazing fast as expected. Only con but it was also difficult with other distros as well Nvida Prime / Optimus is not really working.

          Steam and lutris was a no brainer. Almost easier as on Ubuntu (same machine).
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