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NVIDIA JTX1: Finally An Exciting 64-bit ARM Board!

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    I was a expecting a TK1 price of $200. OK so add another $100 for extra RAM, better heatsink and whatever but $600 ... what are these folks at nVidia smoking there ? I mean it's a very nice board but the SOC is kida obsolete by now as the A72 is already in SOCs from Mediatek and Qualcomm. If it had A72 cores then yes, maybe it would be worth it.
    I suppose you buy thing for the nVidia GPU, to use that for some stuff but ... I just want a powerful ARM64 board.


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      Is it any better than the NVidia Shield TV which is considerably cheaper?


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        Originally posted by dimko View Post
        Nvidia releases board that is pretty much incompatible with Windows.(for gaming purposes anyway, I have heard that some windows someday will support arm, may be does so already, but without DX support).
        Add to fact, low RAM count, and it leads me to believe, main audience for this device is Linux crowd. Make me think twice. What do they have on the mind? Is it some sort of experiment?
        You are trolling right? Desktop is only a small market compared to all computing needs in the world. And windows is also a really small portion of the operating systems used.
        I can play GTA SA fine on my XU4 (Exynos 5422, also comparable to desktop cpu's). But it's not comparable to PC gaming. PC gaming will be an important part in the world. But it is still a fraction of the total used.


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          I've been looking forward to an X1 board release for a while however the price is one huge sticking point. Nvidia we want a cheaper X1 board ! Do that and you have a killer.


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            Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
            I would rather buy this one:

            It has built in screen and other features like gps and android for Navionics Boating.
            Not prefer the Z8500 version instead ?

            review here:

            Review: Beefed up GPU trumps Bay Trail It’s been almost two years since we reviewed our first device based on Intel’s Bay Trail Atom System-on-Cho

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              Why does a 10W chip need a fan? The huge heatsink should be enough.

              I'd consider it for a low power server, if it was capable of accelerating transcoding at 4K bitrates. (I'm considering a Xeon-D now). Otherwise, I find the powerful iGPU pretty useless. I find no real application for this board outside education


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                Originally posted by newwen View Post
                Why does a 10W chip need a fan? The huge heatsink should be enough.
                Fan is probably get turned off most of the time, once power managment is there in the OS... here man commented "The fan stopped, it is interesting"


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                  Cherry picked benchmarks with graphics-related tests only, an area where Nvidia shines as they are market leader in that field.

                  No benchmarks of CPU performance where the Intel Skylake would absolutely slaughter the Jetson, and not only the i7 but even the i3.


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                    Originally posted by kaidenshi View Post

           do realize this is a Linux forum, right? As in, we discuss hardware that runs Linux (and by extension other *nix like OSes). Windows has zero to do with this hardware and very little to do with this forum beyond benchmarks.

                    You may as well be complaining that the Xbox One doesn't play PlayStation 4 games or vice versa. It would make about as much sense as your comment. Are you sure you didn't mean to post your comment at WinSuperSite or Windows Central?
                    Such a dick... There is this little concept called Cross Platform, and it actually matters to some people here.

                    All sorts of people browse, and post on, Phoronix, you shouldn't attack them for not toeing the Linux line.

                    A Linux forum should be welcoming to all sorts of users, not pushing them away because "They use Windows and we're not about that".


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                      Now that looks interesting... If Valve ported over their SteamOS distro to ARM and developers started providing ARM binaries of their games this thing could make a pretty neat console. It would also make for some nice competition to the Microsoft Surface-line and the iPad Pro if put into a tablet.

                      If I don't get the paper for my master's degree project done before Christmas (finished the actual project a couple of months ago) I might snag one of these at the education price and use it for some GPGPU work (which is what my master's project is about) and as a home console. Maybe I could talk the embedded systems lab to spring for one so I don't have to pay for it myself.