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Early Radeon Vulkan Windows vs. AMDGPU PRO Linux Benchmarks

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    These results are better than I expected to see. Well done AMD for starting to get back on track.


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      Originally posted by Herem View Post
      In your original mail you said 'there were about as many games released for Mac + Linux combined as Windows', as these games are predominantly cross platform you can't simply add together the releases of both platforms and say that combined they have the same number of games as Windows.
      Hmm.... ok then, so by that logic Windows + Mac combined don't actually have about 90% of all the PC game releases compared to Linux, but only 60% since most Mac games are also present in Windows. Wow!! 40% of all game releases on the PC platforms were on Linux!!! Amazing!...That's a pretty weird logic, saying that some releases don't count because those same games were also released on another platform. Seems like distorting reality and the kind of made-up math used by marketing companies to me.

      What that graph shows is the number of game releases per platform. In my original comment I only said that the number of game releases on the Mac and Linux platforms are about the same as the number of game releases on Windows. How can you say that is not true when it is? I mean, imagine there were 20 games released on Windows, 12 on Mac and 8 on Linux, that's 20 == 20 (12 + 8).


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        Originally posted by devius View Post
        I mean, imagine there were 20 games released on Windows, 12 on Mac and 8 on Linux, that's 20 == 20 (12 + 8).
        If the 8 games on Linux were all also all released for Mac there would still have only been 12 different games released on the combined platforms. Therefore Windows would have had almost twice as many unique games released.

        Not only does Windows have more unique games released for the platform but the total sales (which is really the most important figure) of each game is also generally much higher on Windows.


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          Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
          A year ago DX12 was the only one existing, so they didn't have much choice. ...
          Mantle was existing too.


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            Originally posted by drSeehas View Post
            Mantle was existing too.
            Mantle died when DX12 was announced. Many of the games that were porting to Mantle just flipped that code over to DX12, so there was no big loss there.