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Fwupd 1.7.4 Supports More Hardware For Firmware Updating On Linux

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    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    are you suggesting not using computers at all?
    maybe somewhere out the some crappy SBC will be ok enough xD


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      Originally posted by Terrablit View Post
      If you go through life thinking that you're a superior person or more skilled because of the decisions you made, you're in for a world of hurt. Our decisions aren't fully logical and we're not deluding anyone when we pretentiously claim such. A lot of what we pick is based on preferences and priorities - not coldly calculated, exhaustive logic. Acting otherwise will only fool ourselves - not others.

      Honestly, this kind of paper tiger elitism is the worst part of Linux and BSD. Yes, it's a technical marvel. It's amazing how good it is, and how many people collaborate on it. Many parts of the installation and regular desktop usage still fall into the raging dumpster-fire category. Same with Windows. Some things work really well. Others have been multi-year frustrations that never seem to get any attention. There will always be room for improvement.
      Unfortunately, most people here have thick skulls and willfully blinded themselves to this fact.

      Originally posted by Terrablit
      When you tell yourself that you made decisions because they were the best decisions possible, you invest yourself in that decision. You feel personally attacked when people disagree. You dig deep into forums and narratives to justify your decisions. You take things out of context, internalizing loose guidelines as unassailable philosophies and life goals. You project your own wants and needs on the landscape and start to attack those who disagree. You start seeing a lack of traction and competing initiatives as a conspiracy, rather than just being people who want different things. You treat everything that you don't personally use at this very moment in time as bloat. Above all, you see this decision as a pivotal decision in the industry - the start of a slippery slope. Meanwhile others couldn't care less - except for the fact that you're really giving them some creepy vibes.


      It's completely fine to be a casual user. It's also fine to be intensely interested in subjects. But it's not fine to act like your intricate obsession somehow makes you better than someone else. All we have in this world is time, and time is most valuable when we spend it on what we value most. If endless distro and WM hopping and config tweaking brings you joy, that's fine. Go wild. But don't force that need on others by blocking progress and simplification and hate-mailing contributors. And don't act like it's a noble pursuit that makes you better than others. Some people just want to get their work done so that they have more time to spend on other things. They're not better, just different.
      Unfortunate but true. Look at the number of lusers in here who are so drugged up and high about using Linux as a desktop that they believe themselves to be power lusers who are more technical and competent than Windows users, and are even in a position to "influence" the average computer user when in truth they are more ignorant than the average user for not knowing where to look for stuff on the Windows graphical interface.


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        Originally posted by pal666 View Post
        moron, firmware is hardware's implementation detail and all your hardware is one large binary blob
        no, you can't
        Good point. We need to open source hardware. Bring in the sunshine to disinfect dark spots.


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          Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
          Any braindead person with a good instruction manual can assemble a PC. There is nothing technical about it.
          That's fine. The perception of the technicality of the work is greater then the actual technicality that the work requires. That does nothing to refute what I said.

          Linux users could be grandmas. But typically, they aren't. It is what it is.

          Either way Asus and MSI and the others ignore us when in a sane world our presence in this area is outsized.


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            Originally posted by ezst036 View Post

            Either way Asus and MSI and the others ignore us when in a sane world our presence in this area is outsized.
            In a sane world, Linux users don't even make up a blip in any hardware OEM's radar.

            Steve Jobs said it before in in early 2000s and it still applies today: Apple plus Microsoft make up almost 100% of the desktop OS market.

            You are nothing.