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LightNVM Linux & Open-Source News

Linux 5.15 Block Changes From Removing LightNVM To Fixing Up The Floppy Driver   Linux Kernel   2021-08-30
Some Of The Features Expected For Linux 5.15: DG2/Alchemist, BPF Timers, DAMON + More   Linux Kernel   2021-08-29
Linux Turning Off The Light - The LightNVM Subsystem To Be Removed   Linux Storage   2021-08-15
BLK-IOCOST Merged For Linux 5.4 To Better Account For Cost Of I/O Workloads   Linux Storage   2019-09-19
Some Of The Smaller Features Hitting The Linux 4.19 Kernel This Week   Linux Kernel   2018-08-16
LightNVM Getting Open-Channel 2.0 Support For Linux 4.17   Hardware   2018-03-29
Some Of The Features Coming To The Linux 4.16 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-01-21
Libstorage-NG Landing Soon In openSUSE Tumbleweed For Improving The Installer   SUSE   2018-01-09
LightNVM 2.0 Support Being Prepped For Linux 4.16   Linux Storage   2018-01-07
BCache Gets New Maintainer, NVMe Improvements & More For Linux 4.15   Linux Storage   2017-11-15
Many Block Changes En Route To Linux 4.10   Linux Storage   2016-12-12
NVMe Over Fabrics (NVMeF) & Other Block Improvements For Linux 4.8   Linux Storage   2016-07-26
Async Discard Support Comes For Linux 4.7   Linux Storage   2016-05-17
EXT4 Gets Fixed Up Along With Other File-Systems & Storage Code For Linux 4.5   Linux Storage   2016-01-22
Features Published So Far In The Linux 4.4 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2015-11-09
Linux 4.4 Getting Persistent Reservation API For Block Devices   Hardware   2015-11-04
LightNVM Support Is Going Into Linux 4.4   Hardware   2015-11-03
Open-Channel SSD Support Still Baking For The Linux Kernel   Hardware   2015-07-22