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PHP 8.1 Feature Work Includes Adding Enums, Fsync Function

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    Originally posted by andreano View Post
    Of course, but "tool for the job" still applies.
    Then you ought to talk compare Django to a PHP framework, not to the PHP language itself. For almost all use cases it's the wrong solution to only take the plain language with its standard library and start writing code from scratch.

    Originally posted by andreano View Post
    Is the language able to express the desired logic, without cutting corners with correctness, or does it constantly force you to make tough choices between the same unsolved dilemmas over and over again?
    Okay, so you were writing complex financial application making use of very advanced mathematics. PHP's syntax is really bad for working with arrays or "streaming data". Python indeed is better suited for it.

    For common apps Python is shit, Django is utter shit, and PHP has been better for years and it's only getting better with every release.