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Oracle finally bought Sun

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  • Oracle finally bought Sun

    After many agonising months and all the uncertainty Oracle have finally bought Sun.

    the websites are currently changing over, most of the Solaris branding has changed to Oracle (but annoyingly they seem to have stretched all the old images which looks terrible in my browser)

    According to news web sites I've been keeping an eye on, sun are not going to be downsizing, they are going to be recruiting (about 2000 people).

    They are keeping "Oracle Solaris" (it will take time to get used to seeing that), OpenOffice, Java and MySQL all as ongoing products.

    They're not going to be getting rid of any of their virtualisation products (That means you XVM and VirtualBox), at least for now.

    in fact the only thing that I can see going in the near future is Suns version of "the cloud" and Suns version of "sourceforge" ... which is probably no bad thing really.

    any thoughts?

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    The fate of OpenSolaris looks still uncertain. At least Oracle strangely didn't make any announcements about it, in contrast with Java, OpenOffice and NetBeans.


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      They've said they're keeping Solaris as Oracle Solaris ... and OpenSolaris is the cheapest means for them to develop it, My guess is they'll hold out for a while ... they can't put the genie back in the bottle easily ... but they can take control of all the main "direction" groups ...