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System76 Gazelle Pro: A High Performance Linux Laptop

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    Originally posted by jareks View Post
    Quick (but REALLY important question to me) - does Gazelle Pro supports hardware disk encryption (ie. can you specify password for sata disk in bios)?
    I am really tired of using dm-crypt all the time, but since I work us contractor I really need to have my data 100% secured. For me it's a really important thing which is not present in most of laptops, doch.

    Great thanks in advance!
    I asked on System76 support forum about hardware disk encryption of Galago and it's not supported there. So I guess it isn't supported on Gazelle neither.


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      That would be a real shame. As Michael showed in recent articles dm-crypt is still waaay slower than native encryption.
      Oh well, I hope that one day System76 will make a truely linux laptop for professionals